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Vol. 78/No. 3      January 27, 2014

Help win new readers,
long-term subscribers
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In the coming weeks, subscriptions for the close to 3,000 readers who signed up for the Militant in the fall campaign will expire. If you are one of them, we urge you to continue reading the working-class press and renew your subscription.

Most of you decided to take out the trial subscription for new readers, $5 for 12 weeks. Some of you took advantage of the special offer on nine books when you signed up. This offer is still available for regular readers. Check out the ad on page 3 and contact a distributor near you.

The purpose of the introductory 12-week offer is to allow new readers the opportunity to follow the paper’s coverage of the struggles of workers and farmers, discussion of political questions of crucial importance to working people, and to see the value of continuing to get the socialist newsweekly.

As Militant supporters around the world continue to go door to door in working-class neighborhoods and to participate in labor battles and political activities, seeking to win new subscribers, they will also be getting in touch with those of you whose subscriptions are running out, to see what you think about the paper and to help as many as possible to renew.

“We have been making a consistent effort to get back to all subscribers to make sure they receive the paper and know about the book specials,” reported Katy LeRougetel from Montreal Jan. 13.

On Jan. 8, LeRougetel and Félix Vincent Ardea met with Alexis Lafleur, a University of Montreal student who took out a subscription in November and got the French-language edition of Thomas Sankara Speaks.

“Experiences like the one in Burkina Faso should be an example for workers all over the world,” he said. “In fact, it’s because of Pathfinder’s efforts to circulate such books that I decided to subscribe to the Militant.”

Lafleur wanted to know more about an upcoming showing at his university of “I Will Die the Way I Lived,” an exhibit of watercolors by Antonio Guerrero, one of the Cuban Five. He bought The Cuban Five: Who They Are, Why They Were Framed, Why They Should Be Free to prepare to build a Feb. 6 panel presentation on the fight to free the Five.

Guerrero’s watercolors will also show in Minneapolis from Feb. 4 until Feb. 28 (see ad on page 5 for both exhibits.)

“We’ve continued going door to door,” Tom Fiske said by phone from Minneapolis Jan. 14. “During the drive we reached out much broader into the city and got to know it better. So now we keep going, finding new areas that we try out. Last weekend we did sales in the area where the exhibit is going to be.”

“We’ve also organized work to win renewals and promote the books on special,” Fiske said. “Every Wednesday evening we get together and organize to contact subscribers and set up meetings with them.” Out of this effort a worker at American Crystal Sugar in North Dakota, where workers fought a 22-month lockout from 2011 to 2013, just sent in a one-year renewal.

“Can I receive The Communist Manifesto as advertised in Militant no. 46?” wrote a prisoner in Texas when he sent in the slip for his six-month renewal. “I have been trying hard to receive this publication and so far no luck. It has been an eye opener to the world and now I will soon be part of it.”

During the drive, the Militant expanded its readership among fellow workers behind bars. Many inmates show the paper around and help to win new readers.

“I would be thankful to be added to your mailing list,” a prisoner in Pennsylvania wrote. “Another inmate shared a few of his issues with me and I was impressed by both the content and the quality.”

Follow the example of the fellow worker behind bars in Pennsylvania and join the effort to further expand the readership of the paper. To get a subscription or renew, contact a distributor in your area listed on page 8 or the Militant at (212) 244-4899 or

You can also mail in the renewal form that comes with your subscription’s last three issues.  
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