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Vol. 78/No. 5      February 10, 2014

‘I Will Die the Way I’ve Lived’: A new
book for fighters to free Cuban 5
(feature article)
I will die the way I’ve lived. That is the name Antonio Guerrero gave to the 15 watercolors at the center of the new book featured here. The way Guerrero and each of his four Cuban comrades have lived is as combatants of the revolution they are imprisoned in the U.S. for fighting to defend. Each of the Cuban Five is an exemplary product of that revolution’s working-class internationalism, its human solidarity, its dignity and courage in the face of oppression and exploitation worldwide.

And that’s how each of them has conducted himself behind prison walls over the past 15 years.

“The moments of prison life recorded — and transformed — by [Guerrero’s] art will touch a deep chord with millions of working people in the US who have themselves lived similar experiences, or know them through the ordeals of their loved ones, friends, and neighbors,” Mary-Alice Waters writes in “The Cuban Five: Who They Are,” the introductory note to I Will Die the Way I’ve Lived.

Waters is editor of the new book. Accompanying Guerrero’s artwork are accounts by him and by Gerardo Hernández and Ramón Labañino of experiences from their first 17 months in a federal detention center in Miami.

This week the Militant is running Guerrero’s description of how he came to create the watercolors as well as the introduction by Waters.

We’re also reprinting a translation by the Militant of an article from La Prensa, a Spanish-language newspaper in Minneapolis, about the exhibit of the paintings at the Regla De Oro art gallery there. From the United States to Canada and the United Kingdom, “I Will Die the Way I’ve Lived” is being used to get out the truth about the frame-up of the Five and to win new support for their fight for freedom from workers, farmers, young people and others.

Supporters of the Five can set up exhibits from art galleries to union halls. (See ad on upcoming exhibits on page 9.)
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