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Vol. 78/No. 7      February 24, 2014

‘Militant’ drive kicks off to win
575 long-term subscribers
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Supporters of the Militant kicked off a drive to win 575 renewals and new long-term subscriptions Feb. 8, knocking on doors in neighborhoods where workers got introductory subscriptions last fall. The five-week effort will run through March 16. We invite you to join in and help expand the long-term readership of the socialist newsweekly.

Hundreds of the 2,975 readers who signed up last fall will get their final issue in the coming weeks. If you are one of them, please renew now so you don’t miss a single week.

“I like the Militant because it is a counterbalance to the other news media,” Jeremy Ray of Tacoma, Wash., told Militant supporter Jeanne FitzMaurice from Seattle when he signed up for his second renewal Feb. 8, this time for six months. “It was the only place where you could see about our strike.” Ray is a truck driver for United Natural Foods Inc., organized by Teamsters Local 117, which was on strike a year and a half ago.

“I hadn’t heard about the Cuban Five anyplace else,” he said. The Cuban Five are five Cuban revolutionaries framed up in 1998 and imprisoned for working in the U.S. to uncover plans for attacks on the Cuban Revolution by counterrevolutionary paramilitary groups here. “It seems crazy they would be held. They were set up.”

The Militant regularly covers and champions the worldwide fight to free the Five. Thousands have heard about the five revolutionaries, learned about who they are and been introduced to the fight to win their freedom by the paper.

Watercolor prison paintings by Antonio Guerrero, one of the Five who has been imprisoned for 15 years, are now exhibited in several places across North America to win new support.

“We had a successful Feb. 6 meeting with over 50 people attending, a significant number new to the fight,” wrote John Steele from Montreal. The meeting launched the exhibit at the University of Montreal. “One participant got a one-year Militant renewal and others picked up 10 copies of I Will Die the Way I’ve Lived and six copies of Voices From Prison.

These two new Pathfinder Press titles are powerful tools in the fight to free the Five. Excerpts from them were featured in the two previous issues of the Militant.

They join the arsenal of nine books on special offer that Militant supporters are taking with them as they work to win renewals and new subscribers. (See ad below.)

“One subscriber got a two-year renewal, I Will Die the Way I’ve Lived and Voices From Prison,” reported Seth Galinsky on door-to-door sales in New York Feb. 10. “He said he knows the owner of an art gallery in Harlem and would call them to meet with us about organizing a showing of Antonio’s paintings.”

Galinsky said some subscribers didn’t want to renew. “But a number said we should come back next week,” he said. “We also sold two new subscriptions and a couple more copies of Voices From Prison.”

Supporters are discussing and adopting goals for their areas. We plan to print the scoreboard for the five-week drive in the next issue. As you get going, send in reports on your progress, to share with other Militant readers through this column.

To renew, get a subscription or join in the drive: Contact a distributor listed on page 6 or the Militant at (212) 244-4899.  
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