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Vol. 78/No. 10      March 17, 2014

‘Experience of Five similar
to that of millions of workers in US’
(feature article)
HAVANA — The Kcho Romerillo Studio, located in the Romerillo neighborhood of Playa municipality, hosted a presentation on Tuesday of two books on the Cubans convicted in the United States for fighting terrorism.

Pioneers and the general public from the neighborhood gathered at this cultural center to learn about the books — I Will Die the Way I’ve Lived, which presents 15 watercolors by Antonio Guerrero marking the 15th anniversary of their unjust imprisonment, and Voices From Prison, both published by Pathfinder.

Mary-Alice Waters, president of the U.S. publishing house, said the two books aim to open the minds of people who have never heard about René González, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González, Ramón Labañino, and Gerardo Hernández.

She noted that the power of these books, published in Spanish and English, comes from the experiences these patriots and their families have lived through, which are similar to those of millions in the U.S. who have some family member in prison.

Kenia Serrano, president of the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples, said the books are a true testimony to how the patriots’ firm principles, dignity, self-esteem, and creative capacity have enabled them to resist severe prison conditions.

Mirta Rodríguez, the mother of Antonio, thanked Pathfinder for its efforts in the fight to defend the Cuban antiterrorists. She urged others to use the two books to publicize the case internationally, especially among the people of the United States.

The artist Alexis Leyva (Kcho) called for continuing to fight to put an end to this injustice. He announced that an installation evoking the Five would soon open at the National Museum of Fine Arts.

The Kcho Romerillo Studio and Laboratory for Art was inaugurated Jan. 8 with Fidel Castro, the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, present. The purpose of the project, headed by the artist Kcho, a native of Pinar del Río, is experimentation and the development and promotion of the arts.
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