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Vol. 78/No. 10      March 17, 2014

Walmart ‘safety’ bonus to build communist movement  

“Knowing that a significant piece of this modest contribution goes to the defense of the Cuban Five and the Cuban Revolution is gratifying. In Cuba, injuries on the job or otherwise are treated with the finest medical care available. There is no ‘bonus’ for the sacrificing of limb and life there. Hail to the Cuban Revolution! No more blood-dripped bonuses!”

So began a note sent by Morrie Dietrich in Des Moines, Iowa, along with a donation to the Socialist Workers Party Capital Fund. The $75 so-called safety bonus is from a period of no reported injuries at Walmart where he works in customer service. Bosses’ “gifts” and “bonuses” for safety, attendance, profit-sharing and numerous other things are designed to press us to accept dangerous working conditions, speedup, concession contracts, wage cuts and divide-and-rule tactics.

“They reduce full-time jobs mostly through attrition by hiring part-time positions primarily,” Dietrich wrote. “Now they are on a campaign for us to be more like semi-security guards by checking unbagged and returned items.”

Blood money donations form the political bedrock of the Capital Fund, which finances long-range work of the Socialist Workers Party. To make a contribution, contact distributors on page 6 or the Militant at (212) 244-4899.


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