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Vol. 78/No. 10      March 17, 2014

‘We won’t go back to days
when abortion was illegal’

Militant/Bob Braxton
ATLANTA — Some 250 supporters of women’s right to choose abortion marched around the Georgia Capitol building Feb. 25.
“We won’t go back to a time when our reproductive decisions were not ours to make,” Kwajelyn Jackson, from the Feminist Women’s Health Center, told the crowd.
The center initiated the protest, which was co-sponsored by 35 organizations, including Georgia National Organization for Women, NAACP Georgia, Planned Parenthood, Atlanta Jobs With Justice and the Socialist Workers Party.
“Women should be able to choose what to do with their own bodies,” said Jewels Vickers, 22, a university student and part-time restaurant worker.
Among restrictions now under consideration in the Georgia legislature is SB98, which would ban any state health insurance plan, as well as plans offered under the federal Affordable Care Act, from providing abortion coverage.

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