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Vol. 78/No. 13      April 7, 2014

SF rally protests Russian
occupation of Crimea

Militant/Carole Lesnick
SAN FRANCISCO — More than 200 people rallied in downtown here March 23 to protest the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine by Moscow and to support the struggle against Russian domination. Participating in the rally was Olga Ryzhko, who was visiting from Kiev. She was part of a strike at a video game company in support of the Maidan demonstrations in Kiev. She and her husband helped by bringing food and clothes to protesters. “It was the attack on the students in November that got us involved,” Ryzhko said. “The students were beaten just because they wanted to spend the night in the square. In the next days over a million people were protesting. The entire nation was saying, we don’t want this.”

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