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Vol. 78/No. 24      June 23, 2014

Calif. socialist: ‘We should
back workers in Ukraine’

Militant/Betsey Stone
SAN FRANCISCO — Eleanor García, Socialist Workers Party candidate for governor of California, attended a rally of several dozen supporters of Ukrainian sovereignty here June 8. “Workers in Ukraine are fighting on two fronts,” she told the protesters. “They are defending their country against anti-Ukraine separatist gangs as they resist assaults by bosses on their living standards and working conditions. Workers in the U.S. have an interest in supporting their struggles.”

Earlier in the day, García visited a bus barn to show solidarity with Municipal Transportation Agency bus and trolley drivers in a fight against union busting.

“You are fighting for all working people when you stand up to the attacks,” García told bus drivers as they waited to begin their shift at the 22nd Street barn. “I’ve seen how the company and media say your fight hurts the ‘public.’ But the ‘public’ is divided into classes. What you are doing is in the interest of the working class.

“A similar thing is happening where I work in aerospace,” García said. “They are paying the newer workers less and trying to get the older workers to retire. It’s important to stand up to this.”


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