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Vol. 78/No. 29      August 11, 2014

Join effort to get ‘Militant’
into hands of more workers
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If you like what you read in the Militant, we invite you to join in getting the socialist newsweekly around. Unlike any other paper, the Militant covers news and political questions from the vantage point of how to advance the interests of working people.

In the midst of today’s capitalist economic crisis, many workers are looking for ways to resist bosses’ efforts to boost their profits on our backs. Meatpackers at JBS company in Greeley, Colorado, who overwhelmingly refused to accept a proposed contract until the company backed off on many of its concession demands, are one example.

Workers bought 27 copies of the Militant outside the plant at shift change July 22, Jacquie Henderson reported after supporters of the paper from Omaha, Nebraska, went there to learn about their fight. Another eight papers and six subscriptions were sold door to door and to United Food and Commercial Workers voting on the new contract proposal.

The Militant is preparing a seven-week subscription campaign starting Sept. 6 running through Oct. 28. You can join by planning to get co-workers, friends and relatives to take advantage of the 12-week introductory offer.

Eleven Pathfinder Press books on politics today and lessons from previous revolutionary working-class battles are on special for subscribers. (See ad below.) A number of new readers took advantage of the deal this week to get Malcolm X, Black Liberation, and the Road to Workers Power by Jack Barnes.

One of them was Vietnam veteran and retired merchant marine Carlos Irizarry, who signed up in Brooklyn, New York, July 27.

“The struggle by Blacks for their rights opened doors for everybody, for Puerto Ricans like myself, for Jews,” Irizarry said. He also purchased Voices From Prison: The Cuban Five

Participants in the annual convention of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People in Las Vegas July 19-23 bought 20 subscriptions to the Militant, eight copies of Malcolm X, Black Liberation, and the Road to Workers Power, eight books on the fight to win freedom for the Cuban Five, and 32 other books, according to Betsey Stone, who staffed a booth there.

“I heard Malcolm X changed at the end of his life. I want to learn more about this,” retired auto worker Rose Jones-Wade said at the convention as she bought the Workers Power book, which describes Malcolm’s development as an internationalist working-class leader in the battle “between those who want freedom, justice and equality and those who want to continue the system of exploitation.”

“It’s taken generations in our fight,” she said. “Today we have to keep this up, to raise the minimum wage, for women’s rights, for workers’ rights.”

“We’ve sold four subscriptions since Wednesday and 42 single copies,” wrote Katy LeRougetel July 28 from Calgary in Alberta, Canada, where one of two new branches of the Communist League has been established.

“It’s good to get a fresh perspective,” said construction worker Jason MacEachern, who bought a subscription from LeRougetel and François Bradette, when they knocked on his door. “I tried the Calgary Herald and it doesn’t work for me.”

Supporters of the Militant have been selling the paper at protests against the Israeli assault on Gaza. Fifty-five participants in a July 25 demonstration of 3,000 in New York bought single copies of the Militant and two bought subscriptions. At a July 25 action in Calgary, 23 copies of the paper and a subscription were sold. Protesters at a July 26 demonstration in London bought 12 subscriptions, dozens of single copies and eight books.

In Auckland, New Zealand, several dozen copies of the Militant, four subscriptions and two books on the fight to free the Cuban Five have been sold at Gaza protests over the last couple of weeks.

To join efforts to expand the readership of the Militant see page 8 for the distributors nearest you or contact the Militant at or call us at (212) 244-4899.  


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