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Vol. 78/No. 36      October 13, 2014

‘Blood money’ from bosses
given to revolutionary party
Three workers from Chicago recently turned over a total of $5,488 to the Socialist Workers Party Capital Fund from a contract-signing bonus they received at a United Auto Workers-organized Electro-Motive Diesel plant in the area.

“I voted against the contract,” wrote Alyson Kennedy, a “supplemental worker” at the plant. “The contract is for four years and four months with no wage increase. Supplemental workers receive no health insurance, no holiday pay, no vacation pay. If the company fires us, we cannot be represented by the union. This blood money goes to the Capital Fund.”

By “blood money” Kennedy is referring to bonuses and other bribes bosses use to press us to accept wage cuts, speedup, dangerous working conditions and concession contracts. These donations help finance the long-range work of the party.

In addition to Kennedy, John Hawkins and Laura Anderson each sent in $1,836.

From Des Moines, Iowa, Morrie Dietrich sent in $60 he received from Walmart. “If you have no reported injury for a year, the company gives you the day off with pay. It’s blood money,” he said by phone Sept. 12. Full-time workers are eligible, but not the increasing numbers Walmart hires part-time.

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