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Vol. 78/No. 41      November 17, 2014

Party-Building Fund gets boost
from subscription drive success
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The success of winning more than 2,500 workers and youth to subscribe to the Militant newspaper over the past seven weeks has given a boost to efforts by members and supporters of the Socialist Workers Party to win $100,000 in contributions to help finance the party’s work. The SWP Party-Building Fund concludes on Nov. 11. The final scoreboard for the drive will be published in the issue of the Militant printed Nov. 19.

In Seattle, organizers of the fund campaign have been concentrating their efforts over the last week on visiting long-time and new readers of the Militant to discuss developments in the class struggle and world politics, as well as the activity of the Socialist Workers Party. Many appreciate the coverage of labor fights and social protests from around the world and meeting communist workers who are involved in these struggles. Some want to contribute financially, and some ask what they can do to be politically active in this resistance.

Kiki Rodriguez, who is originally from Cuba, gave $25 to the Party-Building Fund in Seattle “to support the work you do,” after members of the SWP visited her. Rodriguez remarked that she appreciates the Militant’s accurate coverage of the Cuban Revolution and the attention given to the campaign to win freedom for the Cuban Five. A worker at the Boeing airplane factory near Seattle donated $10 to the fund, after signing up to renew his subscription to the Militant.

“Seven workers have contributed for the first or second time to help the work of the Socialist Workers Party and to promote the Militant during this party-building fund drive,” read a note from organizers of the effort in San Francisco. These $5 to $25 contributions include a demonstrator who is Kurdish attending a “long live Kobani” rally in Berkeley, who gave an extra $5 when he bought his subscription to the Militant at the event. A longshoreman did likewise outside his union hall last week.

Pledges and in-hand contributions now top $100,000, but there remains substantial work ahead of us to collect all of the pledges that have been made to the fund. All payments that arrive in the mail by Nov. 18 will be counted on the scoreboard.
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