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Vol. 78/No. 42      November 24, 2014

Rallies in Iran protest
rightist attacks on women

Some 2,000 women and men demonstrated in Isfahan, Iran, Oct. 22 in front of the local judiciary office to denounce acid attacks on women for supposed immodest dress. A smaller protest took place three days later in Tehran.

“We do not want to propagate virtues by acid,” chanted some of the protesters. In recent weeks vigilantes splashed acid in the faces of least eight women with the aim of permanent disfigurement. Some lost vision as a result.

Days before the protests, Iran’s parliament passed a bill that would sanction certain actions by ordinary citizens to enforce what they consider Islamic standards of propriety and decency.

“People should be in no doubt that the government is doing everything to arrest those responsible for these crimes,” President Hassan Rouhani, who has criticized the bill, said Oct. 26.


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