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Vol. 78/No. 43      December 1, 2014

Fund to build Socialist
Workers Party goes over top!
(front page)
The SWP Party-Building Fund wants to extend thanks to contributors from all over the country. The fund is over the top with $104,130 contributed toward the work of the Socialist Workers Party! During the drive six areas raised their goals, and all went over.

The SWP Party-Building Fund is organized once a year to help meet the expenses of the party whose goal is to educate and organize the working class to fight for political power and join the worldwide struggle for socialism.

Party members recently helped lead the effort to expand the readership of the Militant, winning more than 2,500 new and renewing readers to the paper. Many of those were workers and young people met on door-to-door sales in working-class communities or on union picket lines and at social protest actions. Among them were new contributors to the revolutionary party.

Working-class resistance across the country is growing among Walmart workers, port truck drivers, rail and airport workers and others. This development has opened new opportunities for communist workers to join in struggle with others in the day-to-day resistance to bosses’ assaults on our living standards and dignity, and to expand the reach and influence of the revolutionary workers party.

In addition to first-time contributors from among those who subscribed to the Militant newspaper over last spring and fall, socialist workers in a number of cities picked up donations from fellow workers on the job who have been reading the Militant. This along with long-time supporters of the SWP and new regular readers of the Militant took us over the $100,000 SWP Party-Building Fund goal.

In political discussions about the fund drive, many new contributors expressed their support for the party’s work. “I’m making a contribution because I appreciate the work the party is doing to get out the truth about the struggles of working people around the world,” said James Bouse, a new contributor in the Chicago area. “I’m glad to help financially to make it possible.”
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