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Vol. 78/No. 43      December 1, 2014

(special feature)
Musicians at Kiev concert
build support for Cuban 5

A pair of Ukrainian musicians who performed as part of a two-day benefit concert in Kiev to support Ukrainian soldiers wounded in battle with Moscow-backed separatists used the occasion to build support for the international fight to free the Cuban Five. The concert took place at the city’s Maidan square, the center of mobilizations that led to the overthrow of President Victor Yanukovych in February.

“I explained who the Five Cuban heroes are during our performance,” violinist Alexander Shevchenko told the Militant by email. Shevchenko performed with guitarist Alina Boyko under the name Fresh Wind (see photo). “I explained how instead of arresting those planning terrorist attacks against Cuba, the U.S. authorities arrested the Five who had gathered the facts about new attacks being prepared against the Cuban people.”

“We have performed and spoken out in defense of the Five many times,” Shevchenko said, “including during the international effort to gather signatures leading up to their appeal hearings two years ago. Eighty-six thousand people from all kinds of political parties and civic organizations, as well as ordinary citizens, signed the petition addressed to U.S. President Barack Obama.”

“I also told those at the Maidan about how Cuba provided free medical care for 25,000 children from here suffering from the [1986] nuclear disaster at Chernobyl,” Shevchenko said. “That got applause.”


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