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Vol. 81/No. 43      November 20, 2017



Likes ‘Militant’ audio version
Just wanted to write in with deep appreciation for the efforts to provide audio recordings of each Militant article! I frequently have very long drives to work and being able to listen to the articles in my car has been an excellent experience and a good way to stay caught up on the Militant.

I also wanted to offer the suggestion to include on the website a link to another audio recording that is a continuous reading of all the articles. Then you could click once and listen to the whole paper without having to link up to each article separately.

Also I’m wondering if things have progressed towards people being able to sign up for a subscription and pay online? [We’re working on it, stay tuned — Editor.]

Since my trip to Cuba as part of the Che brigade where I met SWP members, I’ve been working hard to encourage many of my friends to get subscriptions to the Militant. But it would go a long way if I could get them to sign up on the spot by paying online.
Samir Rohlin Hazboun
by email

Jeff Ford’s confidence in the SWP never wavered
Jeff Ford, a supporter of the Socialist Workers Party in Seattle, died Oct. 11 after a long battle with cancer. He met the party in 1968 and was a member in Seattle and San Francisco in the 1970s and again in the 1990s.

He worked as a union engineer on the railroad out of Seattle for several years. Before his death he told me that his confidence in the party had never wavered since the Prague Spring in 1968 when he first learned of the SWP and its support for the workers uprising there. He said the SWP was alone in correctly explaining the class forces behind developments in Czechoslovakia and the role of the Stalinist rulers in Moscow in the invasion.

His companion Patti and son Taylor hosted a family gathering with friends and party members to celebrate his life Oct. 21.
Mary Martin
Seattle, Washington
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