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September 6, 2021

Back the Warrior Met miners, Nabisco strikes!

Nabisco strikers fight to keep ‘what we already won’
Workers picket Portland, Oregon, Nabisco plant, to block bosses’ steep concession demands.

…they don’t care,” said Carpenter. The lively picket line is up 24/7 and includes nightly fish fries and line dancing. Key to the strike is the company’s proposed “alternative work…

August 30, 2021

Massachusetts nurses fight for safety, patients’ health

Solidarity crucial as strike enters fifth month
Nurses from St. Vincent Hospital picket in Worcester, Mass., July 6. Some 700 nurses have been on strike since March 8. Fight for better nurse/patient ratios is at center of their struggle.

…170 came to bring support, cooking a meal and walking the picket line with us.” Strikers say numerous union delegations and others have joined the picket line and rallies over

July 26, 2021

Autoworkers stand up to Volvo truck bosses

Fight to close wage, benefit gap for new hires
United Auto Workers members on strike at Volvo truck plant in Dublin, Virginia, June 27.

…the picket line July 12. Only a handful of workers crossed the line. Nonetheless, bosses boast it will take them only a few days to get assembly lines back up…

April 19, 2021

Back striking Steelworkers fighting ATI union busting!

Join the picket lines, send support, donations
Steelworkers picket at ATI in Lockport, New York. Union members are on strike in five states.

…from shuttered ATI plants. The company is pushing to close a production line in Brackenridge and plants in Connecticut and Ohio. At the picket line at the Brackenridge plant strikers…

April 19, 2021

Coal miners in Alabama stand up to Warrior Met

United Mine Workers of America Local 2397 members on picket line at Warrior Met mine No. 7, April 2. At left is Tyler Bittle; right, Antwon McGee. Over 1,100 went on strike day before.

…“I was at the picket line all night last night after the strike started,” Antwon McGee told Militant worker-correspondents at the UMWA Local 2397 union hall, which represents miners at…