SWP in Amarillo: Asarco strike lessons, back labor fights today

Vol. 85/No. 15 - April 19, 2021
In Amarillo, Texas, April 1, roofer Marcos Mendoza, left, told Gerardo Sánchez, SWP candidate for Dallas City Council, that bosses take advantage of undocumented workers to pay them lower wages. SWP fights for amnesty for all immigrant workers in the U.S., Sánchez said.

AMARILLO, Texas — Gerardo Sánchez, Socialist Workers Party candidate for Dallas City Council, and a team of campaign supporters spoke with a wide range of workers during a campaign visit here March 31 to April 1. “Workers in Dallas, in…

Bosses’ profit drive at heart of capitalist catastrophe in Texas

Vol. 85/No. 9 - March 8, 2021
In act of working-class solidarity, Jessica Villa-Gomez, owner of Boombox Taco, has given out thousands of tacos to working people in Houston who have been without electricity for days.

DALLAS — An unusual major winter storm beginning Feb. 12 spread snowfall and damaging ice here, all across Texas, in other parts of the South and Midwest, and in northern Mexico. Snow blanketed 80% of Texas, from Dallas to Brownsville…

Biden says he’ll continue Trump policy, keeps Mexico border shut

Vol. 85/No. 8 - March 1, 2021
Gerardo Sánchez, Socialist Workers Party candidate for Dallas City Council, left, talks to Arnulfo Alvarez Jan. 25. “SWP campaign fights for amnesty for all 11 million undocumented immigrants who live and work in the U.S.,” Sánchez said in a statement Feb. 15.

DALLAS — White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced Feb. 10 that the Joseph Biden administration will continue to use a COVID-19 order from President Donald Trump’s administration to immediately expel would-be immigrants who cross the border from Mexico. “The…

Socialist Workers Party files for ballot in Dallas

Vol. 85/No. 7 - February 22, 2021
Socialist Workers Party files for ballot in Dallas

DALLAS — Gerardo Sánchez, left, Socialist Workers Party candidate for City Council here, submits petitions signed by 222 people — seven times more than the 30 signatures required — to city election manager Parris Long Feb. 10 to be on…

SWP ballot drive in Dallas discusses class road forward

Vol. 85/No. 6 - February 15, 2021

DALLAS — “In the face of high unemployment, our unions need to lead a fight for a massive government-funded public works program to put millions to work at union-scale wages building hospitals, schools, affordable housing and more,” Gerardo Sánchez, Socialist…

‘Help us put the Socialist Workers Party on the ballot!’

Vol. 85/No. 5 - February 8, 2021
Gerardo Sánchez, SWP candidate for Dallas City Council, talks with Valerie Pinales Jan. 20 on her doorstep about the party’s program. She signed the petition to put the party on the ballot.

DALLAS — Socialist Workers Party campaigners have gotten off to a solid start in the fight to win ballot status for Gerardo Sánchez, the party’s candidate for City Council District 1. They are extending the party’s reach and finding interest…

Protests win stay of execution, new hearing for Rodney Reed

Vol. 83/No. 44 - December 2, 2019
Nov. 17 action in Austin, Texas, celebrates victory, gives boost to fight to free Rodney Reed.

AUSTIN, Texas — “My brother’s fight is not over,” Rodrick Reed told the rally of some 100 people who gathered in front of the Texas governor’s mansion Nov 17. They were celebrating a stay of execution won by his brother…

Back strikers’ fight against copper bosses’ union busting

Vol. 83/No. 41 - November 11, 2019

AMARILLO, Texas — Two weeks into the strike by more than 1,700 Asarco copper workers in Arizona and Texas, the bosses have refused to negotiate with the seven unions there, claiming they won’t meet until Nov. 14. It looks like…