SWP campaigns to build workers’ fight for jobs, control over job safety

Vol. 84/No. 37 - September 21, 2020
Omar García told SWP presidential candidate Alyson Kennedy, left, “I support unions.” We need unions in every workplace, Kennedy said, to fight for our jobs, wages and conditions.

LIVINGSTON, Calif. — Socialist Workers Party presidential and vice presidential candidates, Alyson Kennedy and Malcolm Jarrett, joined SWP Senate candidate Joel Britton and other campaigners here to speak with working people Sept. 6. Livingston is a town of 13,000 and…

Prisoners demand release from overcrowded jails

Vol. 84/No. 30 - August 3, 2020

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Over 100 people drove past Gov. Gavin Newsom’s house and rallied in nearby Banister Park here July 5 to demand the state government respond to the increasingly dangerous conditions facing inmates in California’s prisons. Some 5,800 inmates…

PG&E bosses cop a plea to manslaughter in fire deaths

Vol. 84/No. 15 - April 20, 2020
Joel Britton, left, currently SWP candidate for U.S. Congress, speaks with carpenter Tony Worino in his RV at Camp Fire refugee camp in Chico, California, in December 2018.

OAKLAND, Calif. — On March 23 Pacific Gas & Electric bosses struck a plea bargain with the Butte County District Attorney’s Office, saying they would admit guilt on felony counts stemming from the deadly 2018 Camp Fire and pay a…

Airline food catering workers rally for higher pay, health care

Vol. 83/No. 47 - December 23, 2019

SAN FRANCISCO — Hundreds of airline workers joined protests at airports in 16 cities Nov. 26 in support of food catering workers fighting for higher pay and affordable health care coverage. The workers, employed by LSG Sky Chefs and Gate…

California blackout, fire show need for workers control of power companies

Vol. 83/No. 42 - November 18, 2019

GEYSERVILLE, Calif. — In late October hundreds of thousands of California residents had their electric power shut off by Pacific, Gas and Electric, and Southern California Edison — the state’s two largest utility monopolies. Both companies initially claimed the shutdowns…

‘Nationalize PG&E, put it under workers control’

Vol. 83/No. 23 - June 10, 2019
Bianca Alvarado, right, talks with Jeff Powers in Chico, California, in February after wildfire destroyed nearby Paradise, killing scores. Fire was caused by PG&E bosses’ disdain for safety.

OAKLAND, California — The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, the state regulatory agency that deals with forest fires, reported May 15 that last fall’s Camp Fire that killed at least 85 people and destroyed nearly 19,000 homes and…

Protests continue in fight against police killing of Stephon Clark

Vol. 83/No. 12 - March 25, 2019
Students in Sacramento, California, walk out to protest March 2 decision by District Attorney Anne-Marie Schubert to not bring charges against cops who killed Stephon Clark.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A series of protests have taken place here almost daily since Sacramento District Attorney Anne-Marie Schubert announced March 2 that no charges would be filed against Terrence Mercadal and Jared Robinet, the cops who killed Stephon Clark…

Workers face capitalist disdain in wake of wildfire social catastrophe

Vol. 82/No. 48 - December 24, 2018
SWP member Joel Britton, left, talks with carpenter Tony Worino in his RV at fire refugee center in Chico, Calif. “How do the rich control everything and manipulate us?” Worino asked.

CHICO, Calif. — Since firefighters declared the Camp Fire 100 percent contained, the extent of the social catastrophe that accompanied the blaze — a product of the dog-eat-dog capitalist profit system — is becoming clearer. The catastrophe took the lives…

Disaster from Camp Fire is result of capitalist rule

Vol. 82/No. 47 - December 17, 2018
Fire survivors Rubyjade Stewart and son Rene, outside their tent in Chico Walmart lot Nov. 21.

CHICO, Calif. — It was raining heavily when Socialist Workers Party members from Oakland arrived at the Chico Walmart parking lot here Nov. 29. Our goal was to extend solidarity with survivors of the Camp Fire camped out here and…