New Zealand nurses protest low pay, understaffing

Vol. 82/No. 22 - June 4, 2018
Nurses, hospital workers rally in Auckland, New Zealand, May 12, part of nationwide day of protests against low pay, understaffing, worsening conditions for both workers and patients.

AUCKLAND, New Zealand — More than 700 nurses, other hospital workers and supporters marched here May 12 to protest low pay, understaffing and deteriorating conditions in public health care. “We need more on the floor,” read one hand-written placard, highlighting…

New Zealand nurses reject contract, protest work conditions

Vol. 82/No. 19 - May 14, 2018

AUCKLAND, New Zealand — Hundreds of nurses and other health care workers joined protests outside hospitals and clinics across New Zealand over two weeks starting April 9. They are demanding increased staffing, higher wages and an end to onerous working…

Port workers in New Zealand strike for safety, pay parity

Vol. 82/No. 15 - April 16, 2018

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand — Some 90 dockworkers marched through the port town of Lyttelton March 22, day two of a five-day strike for pay parity with other port workers and against changes to working hours by the Lyttelton Port Company.…

Nagasaki: A fitting setting for meeting on overseas Chinese

Vol. 82/No. 2 - January 15, 2018

With a long history of Chinese settlement and trade, Nagasaki provided a fitting setting for this year’s ISSCO conference. The port city of Nagasaki was established on the northwest coast of Kyushu Island in 1571 for trade with Portugal and…

‘In Cuba there is no discrimination against Chinese’

Vol. 82/No. 2 - January 15, 2018

NAGASAKI, Japan — The differing class origins and perspectives of the millions of people who made up the Chinese “diaspora” over the last 200 years, and how these differences affected their struggles against discrimination, were discussed and debated at an…

Chinese immigrants are not ‘passive victims of discrimination’

Conference in Nagasaki, Japan, discusses experience of Chinese workers, peasants and merchants who emigrated around the world
Vol. 82/No. 2 - January 15, 2018

NAGASAKI, Japan — The experiences of Chinese workers, peasants and merchants who have emigrated in their millions to Southeast Asia and beyond, becoming part of the class struggle and political lives of working people in many nations, was a focus…