Working people in Mosul rebuild lives, culture after defeat of Islamic State

‘Christians and Muslims have lived side by side in Iraq for centuries’; population faces government indifference to war-caused hardships
Vol. 82/No. 48 - December 24, 2018
Above, boisterous poetry reading with open mic at Qantara cultural cafe in east Mosul Nov. 30, one of many activities banned under Islamic State that are coming back to life in the city. Below right, Hussein Abbas Ahmed, a teacher, outside remains of his home in “old city” in west Mosul, large swaths of which were destroyed during the fight against IS, including during indiscriminate U.S.-bombing raids.

MOSUL, Iraq — Working people here continue to confront the impact of Islamic State’s three-year reign of terror and the destructive nine-month battle of Mosul that drove out the brutal and reactionary sect. Now they face ongoing Iraqi government indifference…