NYC taxi drivers demand ‘Debt forgiveness NOW!’

Vol. 84/No. 39 - October 5, 2020
NYC taxi drivers demand ‘Debt forgiveness NOW!’

NEW YORK — Dozens of yellow taxi drivers organized a cab caravan here Sept. 17, protesting through the streets of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. They blocked traffic briefly on the Brooklyn and Queensboro bridges, and rallied outside City Hall, carrying…

‘For us, prevention is key,’ says Cuban ambassador

Vol. 84/No. 11 - March 23, 2020

NEW YORK — “In Cuba, the neighborhood doctors are the heart of health care,” Ana Silvia Rodríguez, Cuba’s ambassador to the United Nations, said during the discussion at the March 7 meeting here on Red Zone: Cuba and the Battle…

Solidarity led Cuba’s fight to defeat Ebola in Africa

NY meeting counters US rulers’ slanders
Vol. 84/No. 11 - March 23, 2020
Inset, March 7 New York meeting, featuring book on Cuba’s role in fighting Ebola in West Africa. Above, from left, Martín Koppel and Mary-Alice Waters, co-editors of book, and Ana Silvia Rodríguez, Cuban ambassador.

NEW YORK — “A people aiming to build a society based on solidarity” — that’s what Cuba’s socialist revolution represents, said Enrique Ubieta, author of Red Zone: Cuba and the Battle Against Ebola in West Africa. He was addressing a…

IFCO wins victory in fight against IRS harassment

Vol. 84/No. 1 - January 13, 2020

NEW YORK — In an important victory for political rights, the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization announced Dec. 19 that it had won its fight against revocation of its tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service in 2017. “As our…

NY meeting celebrates 60 years of Cuban Revolution

Vol. 83/No. 8 - February 25, 2019
NY meeting celebrates 60 years of Cuban Revolution

NEW YORK — Over 150 people attended a Feb. 8 celebration here of the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution and a send-off for Cuban Ambassador to the United Nations Anayansi Rodríguez Camejo, at podium, who is returning to Cuba to assume…

Cops who killed Eric Garner ‘should be put in jail’

Vol. 82/No. 30 - August 13, 2018
Cops who killed my son “should have been indicted, convicted, be in jail,” Gwen Carr, speaking above at July 17 New York press conference, told Militant. Her son Eric Garner was killed four years ago by cop Daniel Pantaleo. NYPD said July 16 it will start disciplinary proceedings against him and his supervisor.

NEW YORK — Four years after New York police officer Daniel Pantaleo put a chokehold on Eric Garner and killed him outside a Staten Island beauty supply store, the city’s Civilian Complaint Review Board said it will hold disciplinary hearings…

NY hospital workers picket against pension, health cutbacks

Vol. 82/No. 28 - July 30, 2018
Local 1199 SEIU hospital workers picket Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York July 12, one of more than 100 actions statewide protesting bosses’ moves to cut pensions, medical care and training.

NEW YORK — “Everybody’s fighting back,” some two dozen workers chanted as they joined an informational picket line outside the Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center here July 12. “Nurses, fighting back. Housekeeping, fighting back. Food service, fighting back,” they…