Bob Cantrick, over five decades building communist movement

Vol. 84/No. 48 - December 7, 2020

MONTREAL — Bob Cantrick, a member and supporter of the communist movement for over five decades, died Nov. 4 in Toronto at the age of 76. He had been hospitalized for a serious respiratory condition after undergoing radiation therapy for…

Canada’s rulers responsible for Native, commercial fisher conflict

Vol. 84/No. 45 - November 16, 2020
Working fishermen in Canada have been hard hit by world crisis and Ottawa’s lobster permit system, which increase competition, class stratification and discrimination against Native fishermen. Fight is needed to defend common interests of all fishermen against the capitalist rulers.

MONTREAL — Overcoming divisions among exploited fishermen in the Maritime Provinces and defending Indigenous lobster fishermen from assault was the subject of a Militant Labor Forum here Oct. 23. Native Mi’kmaq fishermen have condemned non-Indigenous fishermen for ransacking and incinerating…

10,000 Quebec day care workers strike for better wages, conditions

Vol. 84/No. 40 - October 12, 2020
Day care workers rally at Quebec Families Ministry Sept. 21 in support of 10,000 at-home day care workers on province-wide rotating strikes since Sept. 1 for better pay, conditions.

MONTREAL –— Some 1,000 day care workers from across Quebec rallied in front of the offices of Family Minister Mathieu Lacombe here Sept. 21. Ten thousand  at-home day care workers were forced out in a province-wide strike. They chanted in…

Frank Gorton: Over five decades building the communist movement

Vol. 84/No. 15 - April 20, 2020
Frank Gorton, left, shows Militant to striking UFCW members in Toledo, Ohio, 1998.

MONTREAL — Frank Gorton, a member and supporter of the communist movement in three different countries for over five decades, died March 30 at the age of 79. He had been hospitalized for pneumonia following a period of declining health.…

Indigenous people debate building Canada pipeline

Vol. 84/No. 10 - March 16, 2020
Construction of Coastal GasLink pipeline to transport natural gas to port in British Columbia. Most Indigenous people on the route support project to take jobs that it will create.

MONTREAL — A Feb. 24 raid by dozens of armed Ontario Provincial police on a 18-day-long Tyendinaga Mohawk First Nation camp blocking the Canadian National Railway line near Belleville, between Montreal and Toronto, resulted in a new round of demonstrations…

Toronto cop who killed youth paroled after only two years

Vol. 83/No. 33 - September 9, 2019

TORONTO — The Parole Board of Canada Aug. 13 granted day release to imprisoned former cop James Forcillo, less than two years into his six-and-a-half-year sentence for killing Sammy Yatim in 2013. This ruling was a topic of discussion among…

Former ‘wives,’ children of IS fighters held in Mideast camps

Vol. 83/No. 24 - July 8, 2019
Thousands of women formerly “married” to Islamic State fighters and their children are being held in appalling conditions in al-Hol, above, and other detention camps in Syria and Iraq.

Thousands of displaced former “wives” of Islamic State fighters, together with tens of thousands of children, many of them orphans, are being held in squalid, disease-infested camps in Iraq and Syria. Their reintegration into society is an important challenge in…

Kurdistan union leader: Workers faced years of tyranny, war

Vol. 83/No. 19 - May 13, 2019
Participants in April 4 meeting in Erbil of Kurdistan United Workers’ Union and leaders of Socialist Workers Party of U.S. and Communist Leagues of U.K. and Canada. Standing from left: Hangaw Abdullah Khan, KUWU president; Steve Clark, SWP; Steve Penner, CL, Canada; Maghdeed Ahmed, Erbil branch, KUWU; Osborne Hart, Alyson Kennedy, SWP 2016 candidates for vice president and president; Nazem Qoda, Iraqi Communist Party; Saber Othman, KUWU executive board; Ögmundur Jónsson, CL, U.K.; Omar Ismaail, Erbil branch, KUWU. Front row from left: Houree Toufeq and Abed Al Qader Ahmed, KUWU executive board.

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region, Iraq — “Workers here have faced decades of tyranny, war and terrorism,” Hangaw Abdullah Khan, president of the Kurdistan United Workers’ Union (KUWU), said at an April 4 meeting with a delegation of leaders of the Socialist…

Kurdistan event discusses way forward for working people

Vol. 83/No. 18 - May 6, 2019
Below, panel at meeting in Ainkawa, Kurdistan Region of Iraq, sponsored by Kurdistan Communist Party. From left, chair Hiwa Omar, Kurdistan Communist Party Political Bureau; Ögmundur Jónsson, Communist League in the United Kingdom; Steve Clark, Socialist Workers Party in the United States; translator Jihad Kamal (Rosty); Osborne Hart and Alyson Kennedy, 2016 Socialist Workers Party candidates for vice president and president of U.S. Abpve, some of the more than 100 participants.

AINKAWA, Kurdistan Region, Iraq — More than 100 people attended a meeting here April 6 sponsored by the Kurdistan Communist Party to hear talks and discuss politics with leaders of the Socialist Workers Party in the U.S. and the Communist…