Workers, unions need to fight for jobs for all who need them!

Vol. 85/No. 16 - April 26, 2021
Graph shows millions of workers remain unemployed today, majority dependent on temporary gov’t “pandemic” handouts — 43% for more than six months; nearly 25% for over a year.

For over a year, since the onset of the coronavirus epidemic and ensuing government lockdowns, U.S. bosses have thrown millions out of work to defend their profits. Neither Democratic nor Republican administrations have done anything to reverse this. The only…

Anti-labor outfit attacks miners strike, union

Vol. 85/No. 16 - April 26, 2021

Union coal miners in Brookwood, Alabama; steelworkers at ATI; and nurses in Worcester, Massachusetts, are on strike today, fighting against attacks by their bosses. They set an example to millions of workers and need and deserve solidarity. In the midst…

Organize to fight for jobs! White House plan leaves millions jobless

Vol. 85/No. 15 - April 19, 2021

Persistent, large-scale unemployment — a result of the crisis of capitalist production and trade exacerbated by government lockdowns — remains the biggest challenge before working people today. Organizing a fight to get the millions who have been thrown out of…

Workers and our unions need to lead fight for jobs

Vol. 85/No. 14 - April 12, 2021
Gap between the productivity squeezed out of workers and their pay has increased dramatically since 1979, as speedup led to a nearly 70% increase in workers’ productivity, while wages rose only 11.6%. Bosses are pushing even harder under crisis conditions unfolding today.

Millions of workers have been forced into long-term joblessness by the crisis of the capitalist rulers and their profit-driven mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, capitalist investors are plowing trillions of dollars into a frenzy of speculation…

770,000 file for unemployment in one week — Workers need jobs!

Vol. 85/No. 13 - April 5, 2021
Protest in Boston March 23 demanding hotel bosses recall workers they have laid off during COVID-19 pandemic. Nonunion Marriott Copley is one of hundreds of hotels across the country that have thrown large numbers of workers out on the street over the last year.

The Joseph Biden Democratic Party administration says it plans to follow up its coronavirus relief package of $1,400 one-time checks with a swath of proposals it says will transform the country’s crumbling infrastructure. This includes building millions of electric car…

Biden hypes ‘Rescue’ bill, but workers need jobs now

Vol. 85/No. 12 - March 29, 2021

When President Joseph Biden went on television to deliver his first presidential address March 11, it was to tout the Democratic Party-controlled Congress passing his $1.9 trillion “American Rescue Plan.” He claims it puts “working people in this nation first.”…

One year since pandemic began, millions of workers need jobs, unions

Vol. 85/No. 11 - March 22, 2021
Volunteers give groceries to jobless workers at food bank in Lindenwold, New Jersey. In 15 states last year the percentage of working-age people with jobs fell to the lowest levels ever.

Millions of workers remain out of work a year after government-ordered pandemic shutdowns slashed jobs in factories, restaurants, hotels, retail, schools and much more. Huge numbers found themselves driven out of the working class and isolated in their homes. The…

Democrats push attacks on free speech, rights workers need

Vol. 85/No. 10 - March 15, 2021
Covers of Militant from Aug. 2, 1941, above, as well as of Minneapolis Star Journal, above left, and Minneapolis Morning Tribune, left, both from June 28, 1941. U.S. rulers use FBI, their political police, to target and try to frame up vanguard workers. Special targets were leaders of Socialist Workers Party, Minneapolis Teamsters union leading labor opposition to Washington’s entry into second imperialist war.

Democrats are pressing forward with new attacks on free speech and rights working people need. Their bludgeon is an all-points campaign claiming the Jan. 6 disruption of Congress was nothing less than an “insurrection,” carried out by some right-wing militia…