‘ATI is trying to bust our union,’ steelworkers say

Vol. 85/No. 16 - April 26, 2021

LOUISVILLE, Ohio — “They’re trying to break the union,” Dave Burgess told the Militant  at the Allegheny Technologies Inc. plant here where close to 100 union steelworkers work. “The majority of ATI’s plants are nonunion today.” Company bosses announced in…

Steelworkers in Farrell, Pennsylvania, end strike

Vol. 85/No. 14 - April 12, 2021

Over 400 members of United Steelworkers Local 1016-3, who had been on strike for six months against NLMK Steel in Farrell, Pennsylvania, voted up a four-year contract March 1. At the center of the strike was workers’ efforts to keep…

Build solidarity with ATI Steelworkers on strike!

Fight attack on their jobs, health care and union
Vol. 85/No. 14 - April 12, 2021
March 30 picket line in Washington, Pennsylvania, first day of strike against ATI. Steelworkers haven’t had a raise since 2014, face boss demands to cut jobs, add more divisive wage tiers.

BRACKENRIDGE, Pa. — Scores of union steelworkers joined picket lines at the Allegheny Technologies Inc. mill here March 30, and at the mill in Washington, as 1,300 United Steelworkers members in five states struck against the company’s profit-driven concession demands.…

Workers need a labor party to fight for all working people

Vol. 84/No. 42 - October 26, 2020
“Let me shake your hand,” Melinda Swartz, in Sharon, Pennsylvania, told SWP vice presidential candidate Malcolm Jarrett, left, and David Ferguson, the party’s candidate for 18th Congressional District in Pennsylvania, Oct. 9, after learning workers can vote for SWP instead of Donald Trump or Joe Biden. “Workers need our own party, a labor party,” Jarrett said.

SHARON, Penn. — “You say you’re different from Joe Biden or Donald Trump, let me shake your hand,” Melinda Swartz, a worker at a stamping mill here, told Malcolm Jarrett, Socialist Workers Party candidate for vice president, and Dave Ferguson,…

Pennsylvania Steelworkers strike over NLMK concession contract

Vol. 84/No. 42 - October 26, 2020

FARRELL, Penn. — More than 400 United Steelworkers, members of Local 1016-03, have been on strike since Aug. 22 at the NLMK rolling mill here. A majority of workers oppose the new medical insurance plan in the company’s proposed contract,…

Socialist Workers Party says workers need our own party

Vol. 83/No. 40 - November 4, 2019
The Socialist Workers Party “begins with the ability of working people to fight,” said Malcolm Jarrett, speaking, SWP candidate for Pittsburgh City Council, at Oct. 15 candidates debate.

PITTSBURGH —“From the United Auto Workers union members on strike against General Motors, and the UAW Mack Truck workers, to the Asarco copper miners in Arizona, we see the beginnings of a new uptick in the struggles of working people,”…

SWP presents working-class candidates, road forward

Vol. 83/No. 31 - August 26, 2019

PITTSBURGH — “The 2020 presidential elections are well underway. Donald Trump is running for reelection and a couple dozen Democrats of various stripes are hammering each other to be the one to stand against him. Each one seeks to represent…

‘I’d like to see the miners fighting back everywhere’

Vol. 83/ No. 28 - August 5, 2019
Alyson Kennedy, SWP 2016 candidate for president, center, and Malcolm Jarrett, SWP candidate for Pittsburgh City Council, talk with Christy Cozby, a health care worker in Pittsburgh.

NEW HILL, W.Va. — Alyson Kennedy, Socialist Workers Party candidate for president in 2016 and a former coal miner, and other SWP campaigners joined Judy Gillespie on her porch here July 20, discussing the SWP’s program. Gillespie got into the…