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May 31, 2021

SWP running for governor in California special election

Dennis Richter, right, Socialist Workers Party candidate for governor of California, and campaign supporter Alyson Kennedy talk to Long Beach port worker Javier Marquez May 16. Marquez got Teamster Rebellion to learn how revolutionary-minded unionists fought in 1930s.

…on revolutionary working-class politics, or to contribute to the Militant Fighting Fund, see the directory for the distributor nearest you. Or visit to purchase a subscription and contribute online….

May 24, 2021

Anti-labor group attacks workers and our unions

…has been quick to write in their online-only publication about many of today’s strike battles and lockouts. But every article calls on workers to quit their unions — claiming that…

April 12, 2021

Workers and our unions need to lead fight for jobs

Gap between the productivity squeezed out of workers and their pay has increased dramatically since 1979, as speedup led to a nearly 70% increase in workers’ productivity, while wages rose only 11.6%. Bosses are pushing even harder under crisis conditions unfolding today.

…are plowing trillions of dollars into a frenzy of speculation in stocks, bonds, SPACs, online scams and other financial instruments increasingly divorced from the real economy of production and trade….

May 10, 2021

Kitty Cone obituary

…class of those who by injury, illness or birth they couldn’t exploit. Cone’s Times obituary can be found online, as can a documentary, Crip Camp, in which she appears. Raul…

April 12, 2021

Montreal longshore workers fight for safety on the job

MONTREAL — By an almost unanimous vote March 21 longshore workers at the Port of Montreal rejected the latest “final” concession contract demands by the Maritime Employers Association. The online