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November 28, 2022

‘Militant’, SWP go over the top in fall campaigns

SWP campaigner Josefina Otero talks with Rafael Ramirez at truck stop outside Fort Worth, Texas, Sept. 27, about importance of fight to defend constitutional rights in face of FBI attacks.

…both issued by SWP National Secretary Jack Barnes on behalf of the party’s national committee. Campaigners joined actions in support of the widespread demonstrations in Iran and in opposition to…

November 7, 2022

Iran protests expand, win support, challenge regime

Workers’ strikes add momentum to the protests
Huge crowd Oct. 26 at cemetery in Saqqez, Kurdish region of Iran, hometown of Mahsa Amini, 40 days since her death in the hands of Tehran’s “morality” police. Protests keep growing.

…school and university are tied together.” The union saluted the “fighting girls and boys who shook the world with the slogan of women, life and freedom.” Today’s actions stand on…

February 13, 2023

Ukraine fighters battle Putin’s push in Donetsk

Support Ukraine independence, Moscow out now!
Woman holds sign, “Ukraine: not our enemies, but our brothers,” at monument to Ukrainian poet Lesya Ukrainka in Moscow Jan. 21. Bouquets, toys placed at sites in 50 cities protesting Moscow’s deadly Jan. 14 strike on Dnipro apartments show growing opposition to Putin’s war.

…by the imperialist powers during World War II, when Washington and London firebombed the German cities of Hamburg and Dresden while U.S. bombers did the same to Tokyo. The aim…