Bangladesh garment workers protest for jobs, pay

Vol. 84/No. 16 - April 27, 2020

“We want our wages!” and “Break the black hands of the owners!” shouted thousands of garment workers as they protested in Dhaka, Bangladesh, April 13. Actions started April 12 and continued for days. They hit all the major production centers…

Bangladesh: Workers fight moves to shut off jobs, pay

Vol. 84/No. 15 - April 20, 2020
Garment workers outside Crown Wears factory in Bhaluka, Bangladesh, organize protest April 6 demanding March wages. Showing up for work after 10-day lockdown, they were met with sign saying factory would remain closed and information on pay would come later.

Workers in the centers of garment production in Asia and elsewhere are taking heavy blows from decisions taken by the capitalist bosses in Europe and North America to shut down whole sections of their economies, including much of the clothing…

‘Second-class status of women arose with class society’

Vol. 84/No. 9 - March 9, 2020
Women garment workers in Dhaka fighting for union rights, better wages and conditions, October 2014. Bangladeshi “fashion” industry workforce of 4 million is 80% female. Women in these factories have joined union struggles, advancing their confidence and status.

The Spanish-language edition of Cosmetics, Fashions, and the Exploitation of Women by Joseph Hansen, Evelyn Reed and Mary-Alice Waters is one of Pathfinder’s Books of the Month for March. This Marxist classic on women’s liberation began as a 1954 debate…

Bangladesh garment workers: ‘Implement minimum wage raise’

Vol. 83/No. 4 - January 28, 2019

Tens of thousands of garment workers have taken to the streets in Bangladesh over the past month, shutting down production. They are protesting the bosses’ refusal to fully implement a raise in the minimum wage that went into effect Dec.…