Fight for cut in workweek, no cut in pay to stop layoffs!

Biden attacks political rights as bosses cut jobs and wages
Vol. 85/No. 6 - February 15, 2021
Jan. 27 picket line at Borgers USA auto parts plant in Norwalk, Ohio. Workers went on strike Jan. 21 in fight to improve pay, benefits, and win recognition of their union.

Working people in the U.S. face an economic and social crisis with millions of jobs closed down and bosses attacking the hours, wages and working conditions of those still on the job in a drive to crush their competitors and…

US rulers’ ‘administrative state’ seeks to control workers’ lives

Vol. 85/No. 6 - February 15, 2021
The number of employees in the U.S. administrative state apparatus increased from 4 million in 1939 to 21.4 million today. Most are in administrative, regulatory, police and military departments, who maintain capitalist order and social relations of exploitation and oppression. Sharp drop in 2020 result of capitalist crisis after pandemic.

Starting out his presidency by issuing a swath of executive orders, Joe Biden, like Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump before him, is strengthening the administrative state, an intrinsic part of modern U.S. capitalist rule. Through thousands of federal…

Fight for workers control of production, job safety

White House executive orders aim to hold workers in check
Vol. 85/No. 5 - February 8, 2021
Chart shows steep fall in employment in 2020, even with partial recovery. Rate is falling again now. Workers need to be at work, alongside fellow workers, to fight attacks by bosses, gov’t.

President Joe Biden spent his first days in office churning out executive orders, avoiding debate or vote by Congress. He aims to put a stamp of “political correctness” on government agencies and much more. These measures are a danger to…