Court backs Nevada gov’t attack on right to worship

Vol. 84/No. 32 - August 17, 2020
Above, Paris Las Vegas casino reopens June 18 based on Nevada governor’s 50% capacity rule, but churches and other religious institutions could only admit 50 people total. Supreme Court ruled against Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley’s challenge to this blow against freedom to worship.

In a serious attack on the constitutional right of freedom to worship, the U.S. Supreme Court voted July 24 to refuse to suspend a public health order imposed by Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak limiting attendance at church services. It was…

Defense of free speech, debate met with slander and threats of reprisal

Vol. 84/No. 29 - July 27, 2020

A letter to Harper’s  magazine by 150 writers and artists speaking out for freedom of speech and debate came under immediate attack by radical purveyors of political correctness who believe that the suppression of “improper” views is required today. The…

A working-class road to expand rights for all the oppressed

Court ruling muddying biological sex and ‘gender identity’ endangers gains won in struggle
Vol. 84/No. 27 - July 13, 2020
1963 March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, part of powerful Black-led working-class movement that overthrew Jim Crow segregation. Another product of this struggle was new Civil Rights Act passed the following year that outlawed employer discrimination in hiring, firing or promotion based on “race, color, religion, sex or national origin.”

An article in last week’s issue of the Militant — under the headline “Supreme Court: Job Discrimination for Being Gay, Transgender Is Illegal. Ruling Includes ‘Poison Pill’ Against Women’s Rights Fight” — was wrong. It erroneously implied that the June…

Destruction of statues seeks to erase history we need to know

Vol. 84/No. 27 - July 13, 2020

Worldwide protests against police killings in recent weeks reflect the depth of opposition to cop brutality and racist discrimination among working people today. The protests have made some gains, leading to charges against cops and racist vigilantes and strengthening the…

Supreme Court upholds attack on right to worship

Vol. 84/No. 24 - June 22, 2020

In a dangerous violation of constitutional rights, the U.S. Supreme Court May 29 in a 5-4 vote upheld restrictions on freedom of worship imposed by California Gov. Gavin Newsom. Claiming to safeguard public health from coronavirus, Newsom compromised protections enshrined…

NY cops turned loose on political rallies, people ‘gathering’

Vol. 84/No. 19 - May 18, 2020

NEW YORK — Implementing orders from Mayor Bill de Blasio that demonstrations not take place now, dozens of cops moved to break up a gathering of about 12 people May 3 protesting the partnership between Mount Sinai hospital, the city…

The FBI: The political police of the US capitalist class

Vol. 84/No. 19 - May 18, 2020

One of Pathfinder’s Books of the Month for May is 50 Years of Covert Operations in the U.S. by Larry Seigle. It also includes “Imperialist War and the Working Class” by Farrell Dobbs, who was a central leader of the…

US rulers deploy the National Guard, target workers’ jobs, rights

Vol. 84/No. 15 - April 20, 2020

As the economic and social crisis facing working people unfolding today deepens, the capitalist rulers are taking aim at our political and constitutional rights. One aspect of this is the deployment of over 18,500 Air and Army National Guard troops…