As bosses go after workers, gov’t attacks political rights

Vol. 85/No. 7 - February 22, 2021
Thirty-five Teamster members went on strike Feb. 5 in South Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania, demanding bosses back off raise in their health insurance costs that would cut their wages.

The key political question in the U.S. today is the ongoing social and economic crisis facing working people, as bosses and their government shore up their profits by attacking workers’ jobs, wages, working conditions and political rights. At the same…

Fight gov’t campaign against constitutional rights we need!

Vol. 85/No. 6 - February 15, 2021

Statement by Joe Swanson, Socialist Workers Party City Council At-Large candidate in Lincoln, Nebraska, Feb. 3. Facing rising joblessness and boss assaults on our wages, hours and working conditions, working people need to defend the political rights we have wrested…