Fidel Castro on Grenada: ‘Bishop was a true revolutionary’

Vol. 84/No. 2 - January 20, 2020
Maurice Bishop, left, and Fidel Castro, 1980 May Day rally, Cuba. Castro said 1979 revolutions in Grenada and Nicaragua joined Cuba as “three giants rising up on threshold of imperialism.”

Below is an excerpt from a speech by Fidel Castro, leader of the Cuban Revolution, given in 1983 soon after an internal coup led by Bernard Coard overthrew the 1979-83 revolution in Grenada, opening the door for the U.S. rulers…

Castro: Coup opened door to US invasion of Grenada

Vol. 83/No. 37 - October 14, 2019

Fidel Castro: Nothing Can Stop the Course of History, one of Pathfinder’s Books of the Month for October, is a wide-ranging interview by Jeffrey M. Elliot and Mervyn M. Dymally with the central leader of the Cuban Revolution. The excerpts…

Grenada Day participants hunger for revolutionary books

Vol. 82/No. 34 - September 17, 2018
Hundreds attend Grenada Day in Brooklyn, N.Y., Aug. 26. Inset, Socialist Workers Party supporter Gale Shangold, right, shows fairgoers Maurice Bishop Speaks, with speeches by central leader of 1979-83 revolution in Grenada.

NEW YORK — Many of the hundreds of participants at the annual Grenada Day festival in Brooklyn here were hungry for books by revolutionary leaders Maurice Bishop, Thomas Sankara, Malcolm X and others. Socialist Workers Party members and supporters fanned…

Fidel Castro: ‘Maurice Bishop was a true revolutionary’

Vol. 82/No. 33 - September 3, 2018
Maurice Bishop, left, and Fidel Castro at May Day rally in Cuba, 1980. “Grenada had become a true symbol of independence and progress in the Caribbean,” Fidel Castro said after Bishop was killed in counterrevolutionary coup. “No one could have foreseen the tragedy” to come.

Below is a speech by Fidel Castro given in Havana on Nov. 14, 1983, to more than 1 million people gathered to honor 24 Cuban volunteers who were killed during the U.S. invasion of Grenada. It’s included in Maurice Bishop…


Vol. 82/No. 18 - May 7, 2018

The article “Lessons of 1979-83 Grenada Revolution Debated in UK,” in issue no. 16 incorrectly said that Fidel Castro’s remarks about Bernard Coard’s “Pol Pot-type group” were presented at a rally in Havana. Castro’s remarks were presented in a 1985…

Lessons of 1979-83 Grenada Revolution debated in UK

Meeting participants rebut counterrevolutionary leader’s pretext: ‘It was a tragedy, we all made mistakes’
Vol. 82/No. 16 - April 23, 2018

LONDON — “No, I did not murder Maurice Bishop. No, I did not order his death,” said Bernard Coard in opening his talk to a March 27 meeting here. Coard was trying to rationalize his treacherous leadership 35 years ago…