Irish Debenhams workers keep up protests in fight for their jobs

Vol. 84/No. 21 - June 1, 2020

MANCHESTER, England — “We’re keeping the pressure up,” laid-off Debenhams store worker Jane Crowe told the Militant in a phone interview May 14. She and other workers are continuing to mount regular protests outside 11 of its chain department stores…

Debenhams workers fight layoffs in Ireland

Vol. 84/No. 19 - May 18, 2020

MANCHESTER, England —“We’re not giving up our fight,” Jane Crowe, a Mandate union shop steward at Debenhams’ Henry Street department store in Dublin, told the Militant. Workers at 10 stores across the Republic of Ireland held a second round of…

Irish department store workers defy lockdown, protest layoffs

Vol. 84/No. 18 - May 11, 2020

MANCHESTER, England — “We are not just numbers on a sheet, we are going to fight,” sacked Debenhams department store worker Valerie Conlon said as she joined a protest outside the store in Cork, Ireland, April 21. Some 2,000 Debenhams…

Sinn Fein vote surge fueled by social crisis, calls for Irish unity

Vol. 84/No. 7 - February 24, 2020

LONDON — None of the capitalist parties contesting Ireland’s Feb. 8 parliamentary election came close to gaining a majority. Fianna Fail and Fine Gael, who have dominated Irish governments since a war for independence liberated a majority of the country…

Thousands march for right to abortion in Ireland

Vol. 82/No. 40 - October 29, 2018

“We voted to repeal the 8th, now it‘s time to legislate!” chanted thousands of defenders of women’s right to choose abortion at a Sept. 29 march in Dublin, pointing to the victory for women and all working people scored in…

Woman’s right to abortion is debated in Northern Ireland

Vol. 82/No. 29 - August 6, 2018
Rally for women’s right to abortion in Belfast July 7. “No airfare, we want health care!” chanted protesters. Because abortions are banned in Northern Ireland, unlike in the rest of the U.K., women seeking abortions are forced to fly abroad to have the procedure.

BELFAST, Northern Ireland — “What do we want? The right to choose! When do we want it? Now!” chanted hundreds demonstrating outside City Hall here July 7. The youthful rally, organized by Alliance for Choice and Rally for Choice, was…

Ireland: Repeal of abortion ban shows shift on women’s rights

Vol. 82/No. 23 - June 11, 2018
Mass celebration in Dublin May 26, day after referendum victory ending ban on abortions.

Determined to end severe restrictions on abortion rights, a large majority in Ireland voted to repeal the Eighth Amendment to the country’s constitution May 25. The amendment “acknowledges the right to life of the unborn” and prevents women’s access to…

Support for abortion rights grows in Ireland

Vol. 82/No. 14 - April 9, 2018

DUBLIN, Ireland — “Abortion has to be free, safe and legal. We will discuss calmly, courteously and intelligently. Get the vote out and vote for repeal,” was the message when some 5,000 campaigners for the repeal of the Eighth Amendment…

Rising support for abortion rights forces referendum vote in Ireland

Vol. 82/No. 8 - February 26, 2018
Sept. 24, 2016, protest in Dublin, part of fight for repeal of abortion ban in Irish Constitution.

LONDON — In response to a growing campaign for abortion rights, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar announced Jan. 29 that a referendum will be held in Ireland this spring on repealing the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution. The amendment, approved…