Nepal event discusses Cuban Revolution, way forward for workers

Vol. 83/ No. 32 - September 2, 2019
Top, July 29 meeting platform, Bhaktapur, Nepal. From left, Janet Roth, Communist League, New Zealand; Baskaran Appu, Communist League, Australia; Annalucia Vermunt, CL New Zealand; Martín Koppel, Socialist Workers Party; Saroj Gosai, Nepal Professors’ Society; Srijana Sainju, deputy in provincial government for Nepal Workers and Peasants Party; Samir Hazboun, SWP; and Surendra Gosai, president of Cuba Solidarity Committee Nepal. Below, audience.

BHAKTAPUR, Nepal — July 29 was a packed day of political and cultural activities in this historic city for a group of delegates who had just participated in a regional Cuba solidarity conference in Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital. Highlights of the…

Fight to end US embargo of Cuba discussed at Nepal forum

Vol. 83/No. 31 - August 26, 2019
Delegates to Asia-Pacific conference of soldarity with Cuba, held July 26-27 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

KATHMANDU, Nepal — “We are thankful to the Cuban government for sending a medical team to Nepal and assisting us during the devastating earthquake in 2015. The support from Cuba was prompt, spontaneous, and genuine,” said Pushpa Kamal Dahal, former…

Asia-Pacific Cuba solidarity conference held in Nepal

Vol. 83/No. 30 - August 19, 2019

KATHMANDU, Nepal — Nearly 130 delegates gathered here July 26-27 for the Ninth Asia-Pacific Regional Conference of Solidarity with Cuba. They exchanged experiences and discussed plans for activities to broaden opposition to the U.S. government’s six-decade-long economic war against the…