NY solidarity action: ‘Down with military gov’t’

Vol. 85/No. 9 - March 8, 2021
NY solidarity action: ‘Down with military gov’t’

NEW YORK — “We don’t want military government!” 250 protesters shouted in English and Burmese at a Feb. 20 rally here against the Feb. 1 military coup in Myanmar. “Military generals. Criminals! Criminals!” The action was held in the Jackson…

New Zealand rally: ‘No to military takeover in Myanmar’

Vol. 85/No. 7 - February 22, 2021
New Zealand rally: ‘No to military takeover in Myanmar’

AUCKLAND, New Zealand — “Military rule, down, down!” chanted 200 Burmese refugees, students and others here Feb. 5, protesting the Myanmar military’s ousting of the elected government and reimposition of direct rule four days earlier. Many wore the red shirts…