Uranium, iron ore miners in Ukraine strike over jobs, back pay

Vol. 85/No. 2 - January 18, 2021

Some 5,000 uranium miners at three mines in the Eastern Mining and Processing Plant in the Kirovograd region of Ukraine went on strike Dec. 16, organizing protests that blocked traffic on the main roads around the mines. The workers, members…

Thousands of Ukrainian miners strike over pay, conditions

Vol. 85/No. 1 - January 4, 2021
As part of strikes across Ukraine demanding back wages, uranium miners blocked major highways in Kirovograd Dec. 16. Coal miners, nurses and others are fighting over wages, conditions.

For the past few months thousands of workers at state-owned iron ore, coal and uranium mines in Ukraine have been involved in a series of protests, including strikes, work-to-rule actions and underground sit-ins, over nonpayment of months of wages and…

Ukraine miners sit in, strike in fight for pay, conditions

Vol. 84/No. 38 - September 28, 2020

“There are over 200 miners striking and staying underground at four iron ore mines here. They’re demanding better wages and working conditions, better social benefits and an end to corruption by management that is siphoning off money that should be…

Ukraine miners march on gov’t, demand back wages

Vol. 84/No. 28 - July 20, 2020
Ukranian women coal processing plant workers bang their hard hats as part of 1,000-strong miners’ protest in Maidan Independence Square, Kyiv, June 30. The rally demanded government pay months, sometimes years, of wages owed, and increase investment in safety and jobs.

Coal miners from across Ukraine have been organizing growing protests outside government offices in the capital Kyiv since June 30. Their main demand is for the government to pay what is owed them in back wages. “There are workers who…

Crimean Tatars mark 1944 mass deportation, Moscow occupation

Vol. 84/No. 22 - June 8, 2020
Following Moscow’s 2014 occupation of Crimea, Crimean Tatars are prohibited from holding events to commemorate 1944 deportation of entire Tatar population from peninsula. On May 18, Tatar prisoners defied ban and staged protest at frame-up military court hearing in Russia.

On May 18 a group of Crimean Tatars put on trial by Moscow on trumped-up terrorism charges staged a daring protest during a military court hearing in Rostov-on-Don in Russia. Placed behind a glass cage for the hearing, the seven…

Moscow frees Sentsov who fought its seizure of Crimea

Vol. 83/No. 34 - September 23, 2019
Moscow frees Sentsov who fought its seizure of Crimea

After years of an international campaign demanding freedom for Ukrainian and Crimean political prisoners framed up and imprisoned in Russia, the regime of Vladimir Putin released filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, left, and Oleksandr Kolchenko, right, along with 33 others in a…

Ukrainian rail workers rally for higher wages, better conditions

Vol. 83/No. 16 - April 22, 2019
Members of Free Trade Union of Railway Workers of Ukraine and union supporters march in Kiev March 19 for wage increase, pensions, medical care and protection against layoffs.

Some 500 rail workers, members of the Free Trade Union of Railway Workers of Ukraine (VPZU), and trade unionists from across the country picketed the central office of Ukrainian Railways in Kiev March 19. The union is demanding a wage…

Ukraine rail workers fight dangerous work conditions

Vol. 83/No. 11 - March 18, 2019
Rail workers in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine, during work-to-rule protest against low wages, poor working conditions and dangerous state of trains outside ArcelorMittal steel plant, May 16, 2018.

Rail workers on Ukrainian Railways began a work-to-rule protest last May and continue to speak out against their low wages, deteriorating working conditions and the dangerous state of the trains. The state-owned company is the 12th largest railroad system in…

Coal miners in Ukraine march demanding back pay

Vol. 83/No. 9 - March 4, 2019
Coal miners and supporters protest in Lviv, Ukraine, Feb. 6, demanding back pay. Some 4,000 of 12,000 miners in state-owned Lviv regional mines belong to independent miners union.

Over 350 coal miners and their supporters marched in Lviv, Ukraine, Feb. 6, protesting outside government offices. The miners, including members of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine (NPGU), were demanding their unpaid wages for the last month…

Moscow launches assault on Ukraine access to Sea of Azov

Vol. 82/No. 47 - December 17, 2018
Russian fighter jets fly over Kerch bridge with Russian tanker blocking access to Sea of Azov during assault on, seizure of three Ukrainian naval boats and their 24 crew members Nov. 25.

In an aggressive inflammation of tensions, the capitalist rulers in Moscow ordered Russian forces to fire on and seize three Ukrainian naval vessels, including a tugboat, and their crews as they tried to pass through the Kerch Strait Nov. 25…