Locked-out National Grid utility workers rally in Boston

Vol. 82/No. 29 - August 6, 2018
Members of United Steelworkers union, locked out by utility company National Grid, and their supporters march in Boston July 18 against bosses’ demands for cuts to health care, pensions.

BOSTON — “If we stay strong we will get what we want,” United Steelworkers Local 12003 President Joe Kirylo told 1,500 locked-out Steelworkers and their supporters who marched from City Hall to a spirited rally at the Massachusetts Statehouse here…

Striking silver miners rally at bosses’ Idaho headquarters

Vol. 82/No. 29 - August 6, 2018

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — Some 100 silver miners and their supporters gathered outside the Hecla bosses’ corporate headquarters here July 20 to show support for the ongoing strike by United Steelworkers Local 5114. The workers have been on strike at…

New Zealand nurses strike for increased pay, staffing

Vol. 82/No. 29 - August 6, 2018

AUCKLAND, New Zealand — “When nurses’ rights are under attack, stand up, fight back!” several thousand nurses, other health care workers and supporters chanted as they marched through the central city here July 12. The demonstration was one of many…

Striking Vermont nurses win widespread solidarity

Vol. 82/No. 29 - August 6, 2018

BURLINGTON, Vt. — Union nurses mounted spirited picket lines, several rallies and a march through the city as part of a two-day strike against University of Vermont Medical Center bosses here July 12-13. The nurses, members of Vermont Federation of…

1979 Nicaraguan Revolution posed road for workers power

Vol. 82/No. 29 - August 6, 2018
Establishment of workers and farmers government in 1979 gave impulse to struggles by the toilers. Above, 30,000 peasants and agricultural workers led by Association of Rural Workers rallied in Managua in February 1980, for radical land reform and improved conditions.

Below is an excerpt from a speech by Tomás Borge, one of the leaders of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN), before a crowd of half a million people in Managua July 19, 1981, celebrating the second anniversary of the…

Wendy Lyons: ‘A political leader of the working class’

Vol. 82/No. 29 - August 6, 2018
Above, Wendy Lyons, left, joins picket line of UNITE strikers at Hollander Home Fashions in Los Angeles, March 2001. Inset, Lyons being interviewed by Chinese-language TV, December 2004, during her campaign as Socialist Workers Party candidate for mayor of Los Angeles.

LOS ANGELES — “Wendy Lyons was a central leader of the Socialist Workers Party for many years. She was a political leader of the working-class movement in this country,” Norton Sandler, speaking on behalf of the SWP National Committee, told…

Socialist Workers Party launches 2018 campaigns: SWP statement

Vol. 82/No. 29 - August 6, 2018

Join the Socialist Workers Party campaigning around the country to build the labor movement and fight for a working-class alternative to the dog-eat-dog, crisis-ridden capitalist system of war, racism and exploitation. The SWP campaign explains why workers’ defense of our…

New openings for working class as imperialist ‘world order’ unravels

Vol. 82/No. 29 - August 6, 2018
Donald Trump, Angela Merkel and other capitalist rulers stand off during G-7 summit June 9. Tensions are product of crisis of capitalism, which sharpens competition between rivals.

The political, economic and military institutions put together by Washington after the U.S. capitalist rulers emerged victorious in the second imperialist world war — NATO, U.N. and others — were the instruments they used to impose their domination of the…