Venezuela: Workers, farmers face effects of capitalist crisis

New government concessions to bosses, landlords
Vol. 82/No. 32 - August 27, 2018

In the midst of a deepening economic crisis that is devastating workers and farmers, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced measures July 25 to give more concessions to capitalist owners. He seeks their help staunching the collapse in production, winning foreign…

Parties like the SWP are ‘tribunes of the people’

Vol. 82/No. 32 - August 27, 2018

Below are excerpts from What Is to Be Done? by V.I. Lenin. It was published in March 1902 and discusses what kind of party is needed to lead the workers and farmers to overthrow the capitalist rulers and take political…

Join fight against censorship in Illinois, Florida prisons!

Vol. 82/No. 32 - August 27, 2018
Join fight against censorship in Illinois, Florida prisons!

The Militant  urges readers to join in winning support for the newspaper’s fight to overturn a ban imposed on the paper to a subscriber at the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ medium security facility in Greenville, Illinois. Warden Tom Werlich justified…

Primaries expose ongoing crisis wracking both capitalist parties

Vol. 82/No. 32 - August 27, 2018

The primary contests underway to select candidates for the two main capitalist parties contending in the November elections have been marked by the political crisis wracking both the Democrats and Republicans, a crisis that accelerated with Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential…

SWP: Fight for independent working-class political action

Vol. 82/No. 32 - August 27, 2018

As historic changes are taking place in the world — in Korea, the Middle East, Europe and elsewhere — members and supporters of the Socialist Workers Party are taking their class-struggle program broadly to working people. They knock on workers’…

15,000 Uber drivers strike over pay cuts in Australia

Vol. 82/No. 32 - August 27, 2018

SYDNEY — Uber drivers across Australia stopped work Aug. 6 to protest the decline in their take-home pay caused by two new programs the company has imposed on them. The action was called by Ride Share Drivers United, which reported…

Socialist Workers Party: ‘Amnesty for immigrants!’

Vol. 82/No. 32 - August 27, 2018

The following statement was released Aug. 15 by Margaret Trowe, Socialist Workers Party candidate for U.S. Senate from New York. Trowe lives in Albany, where she works for Walmart. There are 11 million immigrant workers without visas, work permits or…

Gov’t immigration raid sparks Nebraska protests

‘I was surprised, pleased at the size of the turnout’
Vol. 82/No. 32 - August 27, 2018
Gov’t immigration raid sparks Nebraska protests

Some 80 people in O’Neill, a town of 3,700 in northeastern Nebraska, protested immigration raids as they were taking place Aug. 8 at nearby tomato and potato processing plants and some other locations, as well as in Minnesota and Nevada.…

Protests hit Quebec festival move to shut musical revue

Vol. 82/No. 32 - August 27, 2018
Above, promotional image by Montreal Jazz Festival for production of “SLAV,” a musical program festival organizers canceled after protests claimed production was “cultural appropriation.” Director Robert Lepage, actors, singers, artists and workers in Quebec and beyond have opposed the censorship.

MONTREAL — Artists, performers, writers, political figures in Quebec and others are speaking out against a campaign here to censor the work of artists they accuse of “cultural appropriation.” “SLAV,” shown as part of the Montreal International Jazz Festival, is…

Argentine supporters of right to abortion say ‘we will win’

Vol. 82/No. 32 - August 27, 2018

After more than 16 hours of debate, with tens of thousands of protesters gathered outside on both sides of the issue, Argentina’s Senate Aug. 9 in a 38-31 vote defeated a bill that would have legalized abortion in the first…