Capitalism at fault in Alabama tornado catastrophe

Vol. 83/No. 12 - March 25, 2019

BEAUREGARD, Ala. — “People came out of nowhere to help us. It was amazing, people kept stopping by to lend a hand,” John Askew told Socialist Workers Party members lending solidarity here March 8. He was clearing the debris left…

Are ‘hate crimes’ and racism on the rise in the US?

Vol. 83/No. 12 - March 25, 2019

There are growing cries from Democrats, the liberal media and the middle-class left that “hate crimes” are soaring in the U.S. This charge — which isn’t true — is grounded in their conviction that the working class is becoming more…

Indiana teachers rally for higher pay, better working conditions

Vol. 83/No. 12 - March 25, 2019
Over 1,000 teachers rally in Indiana Statehouse March 9. “They ask us to stay after school and do extra work but with no extra pay,” elementary school teacher Sandra Butts told the Militant.

INDIANAPOLIS — Over 1,000 teachers from across the state rallied at the Indiana Statehouse here March 9 for more school funding and higher pay. Sponsored by the Indiana State Teachers Association, the event was originally scheduled to be held outdoors,…

Weeklong strike in Oakland ends as teachers’ struggle continues

Vol. 83/No. 12 - March 25, 2019

OAKLAND, Calif. — Teachers here voted by 58 percent to accept a new contract March 3 ending a seven-day strike that had emptied the schools. They came out stronger from the effort, but the vote reflected deep divisions over the…

Erie UE strike ends, Wabtec bosses agree to negotiations

Fight continues against bosses’ cutback demands
Vol. 83/No. 12 - March 25, 2019
Feb. 26 picket in Erie, Pa. With broad support, 1,700 members of United Electrical Workers struck against deep concessions imposed by Wabtec. Agreement suspends cuts for 90 days.

ERIE, Pa. — A nine-day strike at the former GE Transportation plant here ended March 6 after a 90-day deal was reached to hold contract negotiations. Bosses at Wabtec — Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corp. — which took over GE…

Nat’l blackout deepens crisis in Venezuela – US hands off!

Vol. 83/No. 12 - March 25, 2019

Thousands participated in rival demonstrations in Venezuela March 9 in response to counterposed calls by President Nicolás Maduro and U.S.-groomed opposition leader Juan Guaidó amid a growing political and social crisis. Guaidó, head of the National Assembly controlled by bourgeois…

Join the May Day brigade to Cuba!

Vol. 83/No. 12 - March 25, 2019

Is there an alternative to the “look out for number one,” profit-driven capitalist system? Do we have to accept that the bosses are constantly trying to speed our work up, cut corners on safety, push down our wages? Do we…

‘Workers need to organize our own party to take power’

Vol. 83/No. 12 - March 25, 2019
Truck driver Bill Scholl gets subscription to the Militant from Samantha Hamlin, Socialist Workers Party candidate for mayor of Troy, in his driveway in Waterford, New York, March 9.

In Opelika, Alabama, the next town over from tornado-devastated Beauregard, Janice Lynn reports that she and fellow Socialist Workers Party member Dave Ferguson went door to door March 8. They introduced the party and discussed the effects of the March…

Protests continue in fight against police killing of Stephon Clark

Vol. 83/No. 12 - March 25, 2019
Students in Sacramento, California, walk out to protest March 2 decision by District Attorney Anne-Marie Schubert to not bring charges against cops who killed Stephon Clark.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A series of protests have taken place here almost daily since Sacramento District Attorney Anne-Marie Schubert announced March 2 that no charges would be filed against Terrence Mercadal and Jared Robinet, the cops who killed Stephon Clark…