Cuban leader pays tribute to José Ramón Fernández

Vol. 83/No. 6 - February 11, 2019
Above, José Ramón Fernández, left, leading Cuban forces against April 1961 U.S.-organized Bay of Pigs invasion. Behind him, revolutionary soldiers aid captured mercenary. Fernández carried out many responsibilities from training first militia battalions to helping transform education system. Left, José Ramón Machado Ventura, second secretary of Communist Party of Cuba, speaking at tribute to Fernández. Machado was medical doctor and combatant of Rebel Army during revolutionary war that overthrew Batista dictatorship in 1959.

Speech by José Ramón Machado Ventura, second secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, at memorial tribute to José Ramón Fernández in Havana, Jan. 8. Family members present included Asela de los Santos, Fernández’s lifelong companion. The translation and breakers…

Virginia teachers march over low wages, school conditions

Vol. 83/No. 6 - February 11, 2019
Jan. 28 protest by thousands of Virginia teachers, other school workers and their supporters. Since 2008 state has cut thousands of teaching and school positions while enrollment soared.

RICHMOND, Va. — Thousands of red-jacketed teachers, other school workers and their supporters rallied at the state Capitol here Jan. 28 protesting both the long-standing decline of the schools and state government budget cuts that slashed school funding, building maintenance…

‘I want to join your campaign!’ SWP gets hearing in Texas working class

Vol. 83/No. 6 - February 11, 2019
Alyson Kennedy, Socialist Workers Party candidate for Dallas mayor, shows auto worker Jason Denton new book In Defense of US Working Class, Jan. 25, while campaigning door to door.

DALLAS — Socialist Workers Party mayoral candidate Alyson Kennedy and fellow campaigners have knocked on doors in working-class neighborhoods all across Dallas and the surrounding Texas region for the last two weeks — introducing the party and discussing how working…

Chicago, DC meetings celebrate 60 years of Cuba’s revolution

Vol. 83/No. 6 - February 11, 2019
Miguel Fraga, first secretary of the Embassy of Cuba, speaks at Jan. 18 Washington, D.C., event to celebrate 60th anniversary of Cuban Revolution. Panel included Omari Musa, left, from sponsoring DC Metro Coalition and leader of Socialist Workers Party; Luis Rumbaut, right, Antonio Maceo Brigade; and Cheryl LaBash, co-chair of National Network on Cuba.

Over 60 people attended a meeting to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution in Chicago Jan. 26 and to discuss building the April 21-May 5 May Day International Volunteer Work Brigade in Solidarity with Cuba. Six people signed…

Coal miners face rise in scourge of deadly black lung disease

Vol. 83/No. 6 - February 11, 2019

Black lung disease is on the rise among coal miners throughout Appalachia, with the most deadly forms now affecting a younger generation of miners. Facts about this debilitating and deadly disease were highlighted in an NPR/Frontline program “Coal’s Deadly Dust”…

Kurdish protesters push back against Sulaymaniyah censors

Vol. 83/No. 6 - February 11, 2019
Students at Institute of Fine Arts in Sulaymaniyah, in Kurdistan region in Iraq, joined Cinema Salim to protest censorship barring showing of film about government attacks against Kurdish struggle for self-determination in Turkey. Placard says, “Freedom for Cinema Salim.”

SULAYMANIYAH, Kurdistan Region, Iraq — In a blow to artistic freedom, Cinema Salim was closed down by security forces here Jan. 8. The censorship was aimed at preventing the theater from screening the short film “Three Days in 10 Years,”…

‘Militant’ winter special appeal wins contributions

Vol. 83/No. 6 - February 11, 2019

Readers of the Militant have promised $5,735 and sent in $1,960 — a solid step towards the paper’s winter financial appeal to raise $10,000. The money will provide a bridge until the Militant launches its annual Fighting Fund this spring.…

SWP candidate campaigns for abortion, prisoners’ rights

Vol. 83/No. 6 - February 11, 2019

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Amy Husk, Socialist Workers Party candidate for Kentucky governor, and her supporters are campaigning to defend women’s right to choose abortion from threatened new attacks here. Leaders in the legislature are moving to pass a “fetal heartbeat”…

‘Amnesty for immigrants is key question for working-class unity’

New book discusses why it’s vital to build labor movement that fights for interests of all workers
Vol. 83/No. 6 - February 11, 2019
Rally in O’Neill, Nebraska, Aug. 8, 2018, protesting arrest and deportation of workers without papers at nearby factories and farms. The source of anti-immigrant prejudice is not the working class, Róger Calero notes, but the bosses, who benefit from discrimination.

In Defense of the US Working Class, by Mary-Alice Waters, is now off the presses. It features the talk by Waters at an April 24-26, 2018, international conference in Havana organized by the Cuban History Institute and the Central Organization…

US rulers move to oust Maduro government in Venezuela

Vol. 83/No. 6 - February 11, 2019

“The main threat to peace and security in Latin America and the Caribbean is the harassment of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela by the U.S. government and its allies,” said Anayansi Rodríguez, the Cuban ambassador to the United Nations, during…