Coal miners in Ukraine march demanding back pay

Vol. 83/No. 9 - March 4, 2019
Coal miners and supporters protest in Lviv, Ukraine, Feb. 6, demanding back pay. Some 4,000 of 12,000 miners in state-owned Lviv regional mines belong to independent miners union.

Over 350 coal miners and their supporters marched in Lviv, Ukraine, Feb. 6, protesting outside government offices. The miners, including members of the Independent Trade Union of Miners of Ukraine (NPGU), were demanding their unpaid wages for the last month…

Liberals’ ‘Green New Deal’ scheme no road forward for working people

Vol. 83/No. 9 - March 4, 2019

“We will save all of creation!” Sen. Edward Markey claimed when he and House of Representatives member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez launched their “Green New Deal” Feb. 7. Their scheme is backed by a number of Democratic Party 2020 presidential candidates and…

Stewardship of nature falls to working class

Vol. 83/No. 9 - March 4, 2019

The excerpt below is from “The Stewardship of Nature Also Falls to the Working Class,” a resolution adopted by the Socialist Workers Party and published in New International no. 14. The Militant is printing it as part of addressing the…

Quebec aluminum workers stand firm in over yearlong lockout

Vol. 83/No. 9 - March 4, 2019

BECANCOUR, Quebec — Over 1,000 ABI Becancour aluminum smelter workers, members of United Steelworkers Local 9700, have stood strong here since being locked out over a year ago. Solidarity and contributions from other workers have given the USW members the…

Thousands of workers strike in Mexico, win wage hike

Vol. 83/No. 9 - March 4, 2019

More than 25,000 workers at 45 factories — mostly foreign-owned auto- and electrical-parts plants — in Matamoros, Mexico, near the U.S. border ended a rolling strike Feb. 11 after winning a 20 percent wage increase plus a one-time bonus of…

Thousands protest in Haiti, demand president, prime minister resign

Vol. 83/No. 9 - March 4, 2019
Haitian working people gather in Port-au-Prince Feb. 7 demanding President Jovenel Moise resign. Protests were triggered by soaring inflation, youth joblessness and rampant corruption.

Working people in Haiti have been mounting widespread protests since Feb. 7 demanding the resignation of President Jovenel Moise and Prime Minister Jean Henry Ceant. A social crisis has wracked the country since hurricanes hit in 2008, 2012 and 2016,…

Thanks to ‘Militant’ readers, appeal goes over the top

Vol. 83/No. 9 - March 4, 2019

Contributions of $11,914 have been received at the Militant, taking the paper’s $10,000 special appeal over the top. This will help finance the paper’s publication between now and its annual fund drive in the spring. Thank you to the readers…

School workers strike beats back gov’t attack

W.Va. strike wins solidarity of coal miners, others
Vol. 83/No. 9 - March 4, 2019
Picket line Feb. 19 outside Capital High School, Charleston, W. Va. All schools were shut down.

More than 30,000 teachers, bus drivers, janitors, cooks and other school workers shut down all the schools across West Virginia Feb. 19 and 20 to protest an education “reform” bill. The measure, submitted by State Senate President Mitch Carmichael, included…