Ohio, Texas use coronavirus to justify ban on abortion

Vol. 84/No. 13 - April 6, 2020

In decisions that deal blows to women’s rights and violate constitutional protections, the governments of Ohio and Texas have banned abortions, using the spread of the coronavirus as a pretext.  On March 17 Ohio’s Department of Health ordered all abortion…

Kurds honor those slain in Saddam’s Halabja massacre

Vol. 84/No. 13 - April 6, 2020
Mass Kurdish uprising in Duhok, northern Iraq, in 1991. Three years earlier, Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein, with U.S. rulers’ help, used chemical weapons to massacre Kurds in Halabja.

Some 30 million Kurds across the Middle East have fought for their national rights and sovereignty, long denied them, by the rulers in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. Their fight has continued in the midst of the endless wars in…

Cuba May Day brigade postponed

Vol. 84/No. 13 - April 6, 2020

The U.S. National Network on Cuba announced March 18 that this year’s May Day International Brigade of Voluntary Work and Solidarity with Cuba has been postponed.  The decision by the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP), the organizer…

A conspiracy to keep women from being beautiful?

Vol. 84/No. 13 - April 6, 2020

Author Sesali Bowen provides a justification for the so-called “beauty” industry in the March 4 New York Times, in the name of opposing what she calls the “shaming” of women who use cosmetic surgery.  In “What Women Who Criticize Plastic…

Protests, job actions hit bosses’ disdain for safety

Workers’ fights today are road to force gov’t action
Vol. 84/No. 13 - April 6, 2020
Workers at Perdue chicken processing plant in Kathleen, Georgia, walked off the job March 23 to demand bosses clean, disinfect factory to defend them from coronavirus.

As the bosses and their governments at a federal, state and local level seek to manage growing depression conditions and impose lockdowns in the U.S. and elsewhere, working people are beginning to respond with protests and job actions. Starting with…

Cuban revolution addresses key questions facing workers

Vol. 84/No. 13 - April 6, 2020
Cuban workers and farmers, many having just learned to read and write through mass literacy campaign, sign Second Declaration of Havana, 1962. In face of U.S. imperialist attacks, they defiantly showed their support for Cuba’s socialist revolution, and for struggles for popular power throughout the Americas.

The First and Second Declarations of Havana: Manifestos of Revolutionary Struggle in the Americas Adopted by the Cuban People is one of Pathfinder’s Books of the Month for March. The two declarations were adopted by million-strong assemblies of the Cuban…

Algeria rulers use pretext of virus outbreak to bar protests

Vol. 84/No. 13 - April 6, 2020
Demonstrators at Feb. 28 anti-government protest in Algiers. Placard reads: “The authority and its supporters are deadlier than the coronavirus.” After year of massive protests, military-dominated regime used justification of virus crisis to ban demonstrations March 17.

The Algerian government has faced weekly street protests for political rights across the country for more than a year. It has unleashed repression, offered cosmetic concessions and tried to sow divisions among demonstrators. Nothing it has done has prevented working…

Bosses track your ‘happiness’ by spying on your life

Vol. 84/No. 13 - April 6, 2020

Claiming they’re determined to bring “happiness” to their workers, bosses are increasingly intruding into their personal lives, supposedly to monitor how pleased they are with the company. The fact is, this is part of the bosses’ drive to speed up…

Working people in Cuba set the example for int’l solidarity

Vol. 84/No. 13 - April 6, 2020

“We have a revolutionary duty to fulfill, so we take our fear and put it to one side,” Leonardo Fernández, 68, an intensive care specialist, told Reuters in Havana March 21. He was meeting up with the brigade of 52…