Support for strike battles is crucial!

Vol. 85/No. 14 - April 12, 2021

Statement by Róger Calero, Socialist Workers Party candidate for New York mayor, March 31. There are a number of important strikes and organizing drives today that deserve widespread support from workers and our unions. Join in bringing solidarity to striking…

Chinese Cubans: Indispensable strand of Cuba’s revolution

Vol. 85/No. 14 - April 12, 2021
“Resident Chinese support the Cuban Revolution and its leader, Fidel Castro!” is banner of Chinese New Democracy Alliance as they join a million people in Havana, Sept. 2, 1960. Rally approved Declaration of Havana, affirming duty of oppressed peoples to fight for liberation.

Our History Is Still Being Written: The Story of Three Chinese Cuban Generals in the Cuban Revolution by Armando Choy, Gustavo Chui and Moisés Sío Wong, is one of Pathfinder’s Books of the Month for April. It covers how these…

‘Safety is in the hands of these fighters’

Vol. 85/No. 14 - April 12, 2021

Below is a letter the Militant received from Jeri Mullan about the Marathon workers fight in St. Paul Park. I have been following with special interest the Militant coverage of the Marathon oil workers’ fight in St. Paul Park. For…

Locked out Marathon workers win support in fight for safety

Vol. 85/No. 14 - April 12, 2021

ST. PAUL PARK, Minn. — Some 200 oil refinery workers here, members of Teamsters Local 120, are now in their 10th week fighting a lockout by the bosses at Marathon Petroleum, the largest oil refining company in the U.S. They…

Fidel Castro’s call to ‘fight for free Cuba’ at Playa Girón

Vol. 85/No. 14 - April 12, 2021

On April 17-19, 1961, U.S. imperialism suffered what Fidel Castro called its “first great defeat in the Americas” at the hands of the workers and peasants of Cuba. Millions were mobilized arms in hand to defend their newly proclaimed socialist…

Count begins in vote for a union at Amazon in Alabama

Vol. 85/No. 14 - April 12, 2021

ATLANTA — “I feel like everybody is watching us and we’re really making a difference and making a change when it comes to everybody sticking together and standing together,” Darryl Richardson, an outspoken supporter of the fight to win union…

Build solidarity with ATI Steelworkers on strike!

Fight attack on their jobs, health care and union
Vol. 85/No. 14 - April 12, 2021
March 30 picket line in Washington, Pennsylvania, first day of strike against ATI. Steelworkers haven’t had a raise since 2014, face boss demands to cut jobs, add more divisive wage tiers.

BRACKENRIDGE, Pa. — Scores of union steelworkers joined picket lines at the Allegheny Technologies Inc. mill here March 30, and at the mill in Washington, as 1,300 United Steelworkers members in five states struck against the company’s profit-driven concession demands.…

Contributions to SWP ‘stimulus’ appeal at $77,550 and climbing!

Vol. 85/No. 14 - April 12, 2021

Contributions to the Socialist Workers Party special “stimulus” appeal, from the $1,400 U.S. government payments, are rapidly approaching going over the $100,000 mark — with $77,550 from 60 contributors around the country. Add your contribution to the appeal! “Enclosed is…

Mass protests in Myanmar face deadly gov’t assaults

Vol. 85/No. 14 - April 12, 2021

Streets were deserted and shopping districts shuttered in large cities, small towns and villages all across Myanmar March 24 during a one day “silent strike,” demonstrating the overwhelming opposition to the brutal military junta that seized power Feb. 1.  When…