Oil workers strike against subcontracting, for safety

Vol. 85/No. 5 - February 8, 2021
Teamsters Local 120 members and supporters picket road to Marathon Petroleum refinery Jan. 23 in St. Paul Park, Minnesota. The union struck over unsafe conditions, subcontracting jobs.

ST. PAUL PARK, Minn. — Two hundred members of Teamsters Local 120 went on strike against the Marathon Petroleum refinery here Jan. 21 over subcontracting their jobs and unsafe working conditions. Marathon bosses own the majority of oil refineries in…

Rolls-Royce bosses back off plan to cut jobs at Barnoldswick plant

Vol. 85/No. 5 - February 8, 2021

BARNOLDSWICK, England — After nine weeks on the picket line, the Unite union Jan. 8 suspended strike action by Rolls-Royce workers here after the company backed off threatened job cuts. Mark Porter, Unite union convener at the plant, told the…

‘Building a new society is the work of creative human beings’

Vol. 85/No. 5 - February 8, 2021

One of Pathfinder’s Books of the Month for January is In Defense of Socialism: Four Speeches on the 30th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution by Fidel Castro, its central leader. The triumph of the Cuban people on Jan. 1, 1959,…

Cuban Revolution advances food production despite US embargo

Vol. 85/No. 5 - February 8, 2021

Stepped-up measures imposed by the U.S. imperialist rulers as part of its economic war against the Cuban people and their socialist revolution are having a serious impact on the country’s agricultural production. Sanctions on Venezuelan shipments of oil to Cuba,…

New Biden directive is blow to fight for women’s rights

Vol. 85/No. 5 - February 8, 2021

Under the banner of “gender inclusiveness” President Joe Biden issued an executive order on his first day in office to force schools to let boys who decide they are girls participate in girls’ sports events. This is a frontal attack…

US gov’t pushes assault on rights, claims target is ‘domestic terror’

Vol. 85/No. 5 - February 8, 2021
Washington used the FBI, the capitalist rulers’ political police, to spy on and try to disrupt the Black liberation movement, including targeting both Malcom X, right, and Martin Luther King Jr., left. Democrats claim greater police powers are needed to counter “domestic terrorism.”

The new Democratic Party administration of Joe Biden is spearheading an assault on political rights, claiming that a few hundred conspiracy theorists and wannabe paramilitaries, followed by some supporters of Donald Trump, who entered the Capitol Jan. 6 represent a…

Fight for workers control of production, job safety

White House executive orders aim to hold workers in check
Vol. 85/No. 5 - February 8, 2021
Chart shows steep fall in employment in 2020, even with partial recovery. Rate is falling again now. Workers need to be at work, alongside fellow workers, to fight attacks by bosses, gov’t.

President Joe Biden spent his first days in office churning out executive orders, avoiding debate or vote by Congress. He aims to put a stamp of “political correctness” on government agencies and much more. These measures are a danger to…

California protesters: ‘Free Carlos Harris!’

Vol. 85/No. 5 - February 8, 2021
Rally at City Hall in San Jose, California, demands freedom for Carlos Harris, framed up and jailed on murder charges.

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Several dozen protesters gathered at City Hall here on Martin Luther King Day Jan. 18 to demand “Free Carlos Harris!” and others who have been wrongfully convicted. The march and rally included members of his family.…