Tens of thousands defy military, protest against coup in Myanmar

Vol. 85/No. 7 - February 22, 2021
Garment workers inside factory in Myanmar raise three finger salute, a symbol of defiance against military coup, Feb. 5. Mass protests and strikes exploded in face of military crackdown.

Hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets in protest across Myanmar since the Feb. 1 coup led by Gen. Min Aung Hlaing. The generals reimposed naked military rule, claiming the National League for Democracy landslide victory in the November…

Minn. Marathon oil workers fight for safety, no subcontracting

Vol. 85/No. 7 - February 22, 2021

ST. PAUL PARK, Minn.— Over 200 workers and supporters attended a rally Feb. 4 in solidarity with members of Teamsters Local 120 on strike at the Marathon refinery here. They are fighting for safe working conditions and an end to…

News update: Victory over prison ban in Pennsylvania!

Vol. 85/No. 7 - February 22, 2021

A victory has been won. On Feb. 12 Diana Woodside, director of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections’ office of Policy, Grants and Legislative Affairs, informed Militant attorney David Goldstein Feb. 12 that upon review Militant issue no. 1 “will be…

Montreal meeting celebrates 62nd anniversary of the Cuban Revolution

Vol. 85/No. 7 - February 22, 2021
“Solidarity with Cuba is more necessary than ever,” Mara Bilbao, Cuban consul general in Montreal, at mic, told Jan. 30 celebration of 62nd anniversary of Cuban Revolution organized by Communist League. From left, Michel Prairie, CL, and Yvan Abossolego, Walmart worker.

MONTREAL — “Solidarity with Cuba is more necessary than ever,” Mara Bilbao, Cuban consul general in Montreal, told two dozen participants in a celebration of the 62nd anniversary of the Cuban Revolution here Jan. 30, organized by the Communist League.…

GameStop, stock market frenzy shows crisis of capitalism

Vol. 85/No. 7 - February 22, 2021

The rapid rise, steep fall and continuing oscillation of the stock price of GameStop, a chain of video-game stores, is motivated by the same greed-driven speculative mania that has gripped the stock market periodically over decades. Initially some smaller-scale capitalist…

Why Lenin declared war on ‘Great Russian chauvinism’

Vol. 85/No. 7 - February 22, 2021
V.I. Lenin, leader of 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, front left, during Second Congress of Communist International, July 19, 1920, led fight for right of oppressed nationalities to self-determination.

The Spanish edition of Lenin’s Final Fight: Speeches and Writings 1922-23 is one of Pathfinder’s Books of the Month for February. In the final months of his active life, Vladimir Lenin, the central leader of the world’s first socialist revolution,…

India farmers broaden fight against Modi gov’t attacks

Vol. 85/No. 7 - February 22, 2021
Farmers block Jalandhar-New Delhi National Highway during “chakka jam” protest Feb. 6 against new government laws ending state-backed minimum prices guaranteed to farmers.

“There were farmers from different communities — Haryanis, Punjabis, other states,” Jagtar Singh, a working farmer from Mandiani, a village of 2,000 in Punjab, India, told the Militant by phone Feb. 6. He was describing the encampments set up by…

‘Stimulus’ fund for ‘Militant’ goes over $71,000!

Vol. 85/No. 7 - February 22, 2021

The Militant’s special “stimulus” appeal has brought in $71,742 in contributions from 155 readers! There is nothing else like the Militant today. No other paper presents and explains the class truth about politics — the interests of the tens of…

Socialist Workers Party files for ballot in Dallas

Vol. 85/No. 7 - February 22, 2021
Socialist Workers Party files for ballot in Dallas

DALLAS — Gerardo Sánchez, left, Socialist Workers Party candidate for City Council here, submits petitions signed by 222 people — seven times more than the 30 signatures required — to city election manager Parris Long Feb. 10 to be on…