Alabama Amazon warehouse workers fight for union

Vol. 84/No. 50 - December 21, 2020

BESSEMER, Ala. — “The managers talk to you like you’re a child,” Ray, a 31-year-old Amazon worker, told us when we met going door to door here Dec. 5. A former Walmart worker, he started working at the new Amazon…

Back fights to defend wages, jobs, working conditions!

Vol. 84/No. 23 - June 15, 2020
From left, Rahman Brooks, Darnell Harris, Jamal Taylor and Earnest Taylor in ongoing walkout by “hoppers” at contractor for New Orleans sanitation system.

Workers are increasingly taking action today to defend their wages, working conditions and dignity: from thousands of autoworkers on strike at Nissan in Spain and Renault in France over having jobs eliminated; to fruit packers out for better pay and…

Join drive to expand reach of the ‘Militant’, SWP 2020 campaign

Vol. 84/No. 18 - May 11, 2020
Socialist Workers Party presidential candidate Alyson Kennedy, left, and vice presidential candidate Malcolm Jarrett, right, speak with Walmart worker Otis Bullock in Philadelphia.

“Workers joining together to fight — that’s a union,” explained Alyson Kennedy, Socialist Workers Party presidential candidate in a discussion April 22 with Otis Bullock at a Pennsylvania Walmart store parking lot where he works. “Yes, workers need a foundation…

SWP: ‘Demand prosecution of cops for cold-blooded killing’

Vol. 84/No. 17 - May 4, 2020
Joel Britton, SWP candidate for Congress, pays respects to Steven Taylor at memorial site set up by his family near Walmart in San Leandro, Calif., Cops gunned him down in store April 18.

The following statement by Joel Britton, Socialist Workers Party candidate for U.S. Congress in the 13th District in California, was issued April 20. Britton works at Walmart. All working people should join with the family of Steven Taylor in demanding…

Protest cop killing of Steven Taylor in Northern California Walmart

Vol. 84/No. 17 - May 4, 2020
Cops stand over dying Steven Taylor after shooting and using Taser on him at San Leandro, California, Walmart April 18. Family has demanded cops be arrested and prosecuted. Inset, photo of Taylor.

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. — “It was disgusting,” Cynthia Pratt said of the April 18 cop slaying of Steven Taylor inside the Hesperian Blvd. Walmart here. She was talking to Joel Britton, Socialist Workers Party candidate for U.S. Congress in the…

Use the bosses’ ‘blood money’ to build SWP

Vol. 84/No. 16 - April 27, 2020

“Enclosed is the ‘blood money’ bribe I got from Walmart for $489.03,” wrote Chris Hoeppner from Philadelphia. “Use the money to build the Socialist Workers Party. They cut hours and are increasing the workload to massively increase their profits and…

Workers say ‘Yes!’ to giving ‘blood money’ to build SWP

Vol. 84/No. 15 - April 20, 2020

During the last week in March, Walmart workers from five cities sent in a total of $1,774 to help build the Socialist Workers Party from MyShare bonuses — attempted bribes  — they received from the bosses. “I’m writing a check…

Walmart turns loose its robot delivery cars

Vol. 84/No. 8 - March 2, 2020

While Amazon is gearing up to begin drone deliveries directly to customers’ doorsteps, Walmart has partnered with robotics company Nuro and is building self-driving vehicles to deliver groceries. They plan to run these vehicles in Houston early this year. These…

Amazon, Walmart robots speed up work, increase injuries

Vol. 84/No. 6 - February 17, 2020

In their dog-eat-dog competitive war against each other, Amazon and its chief retail rival Walmart are stepping up the use of robots to speed up and intensify the exploitation of their workers. This stiffening competition has thrown other major retail…