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Workers need international solidarity, not ‘Americanism’
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A socialist newsweekly published in the interests of working people                              
Vol. 80/No. 19      May 16, 2016



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(lead article)

Workers need international solidarity, not ‘Americanism’

The following statement was released May 3 by Osborne Hart, Socialist Workers Party candidate for U.S. vice president.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says he’s going to “make America great again.” Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton says America is already great.

Both want workers to think of ourselves as “Americans,” and to view working people across the globe as our enemies. We need to recognize ourselves as part of a worldwide working class with common interests and a common enemy: capitalism.

Clinton is for using U.S. military might to defend American interests and argues for more “robust” intervention than President Barack Obama. Trump claims to be the “peace” candidate who will put America First by building up a strong military and let nations around the world know they should come to the table or else.

What America are they talking about? The America of the Verizon workers, forced out on strike by bosses who want to slash medical coverage, contract out work at lower pay and close down call centers? Or the America of the Verizon bosses? The America of fast-food workers fighting for $15 and a union? Or the America of the propertied rulers who have nothing but scorn for working people here and abroad?

Capitalism is in a deep worldwide crisis. Unable to make the high profits they want by investing in production-expanding factories, the capitalist class instead speculates on everything from stocks and bonds to the future prices of oil and other commodities. In the factories, mills and mines they speed up the work pace with total disregard for safety and the lives of workers, slash pay and attack our unions.

The U.S. bosses’ foreign policy is an extension of their course at home.

Washington emerged victorious from World War II as the dominant imperialist power. Today, the world order they established is coming apart. From the Middle East to Europe to the South China Sea, Washington faces challenges, conflicts and disorder.

That’s what’s at the root of the disputes between Trump, Clinton and Obama.

More drones or fewer, more diplomacy or less, more special forces or more infantry, more money for NATO or less, trade pact or no trade pact — everything Washington does, whoever the occupant of the White House happens to be, is to defend the interests of U.S. capitalists around the world, not working people anywhere.

Clinton and Trump’s tactical differences are on how to best defend imperialist interests.

Working people need our own foreign policy independent of the bosses.

Revolutionary Cuba proves that this is possible. Cuban revolutionaries don’t say “Cuba first.” They start with recognition of the right of self-determination of every nation and offer solidarity to all those fighting imperialist domination.

The Socialist Workers Party stands shoulder to shoulder with Verizon workers standing up to the bosses here. We stand with workers and farmers in Syria who are being battered by the dictatorial regime of Bashar al-Assad and its backers in Moscow and Tehran, the reactionary Islamic State, and the efforts of Washington to defend its imperialist interests in the region. We demand the withdrawal of all U.S. troops abroad, from Korea to Syria to Latin America.

Under capitalism there is no peace.

Building a movement capable of replacing the dictatorship of the propertied rulers here at home with a government of workers and farmers is decisive to the future of all humanity.
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