The Militant - Vol.64/No.29 - July 24, 2000 -- Socialists launch ballot drive in New York
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The Militant this week
Meat packers press for union victory in St. Paul
Dakota Premium bosses step up antiunion propaganda
Socialists launch ballot drive in New York
Protests push back rightist march in Northern Ireland
Marchers in Mississippi: Black youth was lynched
Jack Barnes on working class and transformation of learning
Striking miners: 'They haven't loaded one coal train'
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A socialist newsweekly published in the interests of working people
Vol. 64/No. 29July 24, 2000

Come to the Active Workers ConferenceCome to the Active Workers Conference
Sí se puede!
July 27-29 at Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio

Workers, farmers, and fighting youth involved in the resistance of working people that increasingly marks politics in the United States and worldwide are making plans to attend an Active Workers Conference in Oberlin, Ohio. Participants in these fights will exchange and generalize their experiences, and draw on the broader lessons and continuity of the international working-class struggle to chart a road forward and help in building the communist movement.

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Talks and panels will discuss:
  • Structuring the revolutionary party through mass work
  • Class-struggle politics in Cuba and the United States
  • Labor resistance from the Midwest packinghouse organizing campaigns, to the Western coal miners strikes, to the fights by garment and textile workers
  • Farmers fight for their land
  • Supporting the working-class campaign in the 2000 elections
  • Building a proletarian youth organization
  • Using the growing leverage of the Militant, Perspectiva Mundial, and Pathfinder books
  • Producing the books workers of the world need.
Sponsored by Young Socialists and Socialist Workers Party.
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