West Virginia teachers, school workers, miners and other supporters at Feb. 26 strike rally in Charleston. Fight won widespread solidarity, taking on aspects of broader social movement.

W.Va. teachers: ‘We’re fighting for all workers’

School workers’ struggle wins broad support in W. Virginia

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Chanting “We are united!” and singing “We’re not going to take it any more!” thousands of teachers, school workers and their supporters locked hands above their heads on the steps of the state Capitol here Feb. 26.…

Syrian rulers escalate war against toilers in E. Ghouta

The Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad, backed by Moscow and Tehran, has intensified its murderous assault on the 400,000 people in the besieged Damascus suburb of eastern Ghouta. Mass mobilizations against Assad’s dictatorship shook Syria in 2011. The regime struck…

Bosses attacks unravel miners gains against black lung

“Black Lung Disease Comes Storming Back in Coal Country” read the headline in the Feb. 22 New York Times. They’re talking about a debilitating and deadly disease that had been pushed way back by a powerful battle waged by miners,…

Cuba’s literacy drive ‘changed society, made us revolutionaries’

Griselda Aguilera, a volunteer in Cuba’s literacy campaign in 1961, tells workers learning construction skills at Casa de Maryland in Hyattsville how the revolution eliminated illiteracy.

WASHINGTON — “We made the revolution and began to change society. As we changed society, we changed — we became revolutionaries,” said Griselda Aguilera Cabrera, describing her and her generation’s experience as participants in revolutionary Cuba’s literacy drive in 1961…


René González’s diary of Cuban 5 trial presented in Havana

Book shows face of US capitalist ‘justice’ system, caliber of Cuban revolutionaries

HAVANA — One of the events that drew the most interest at this year’s Havana International Book Fair was the presentation of a book by René González, one of the five Cuban revolutionaries who spent up to 16 years in…

Socialist Workers Party leadership sets course ahead

Adopts course to build union solidarity • defend constitutional freedoms • fight for wages, hours, job conditions that prevent families in working class from being torn apart • defend Cuba’s socialist revolution and its example in the U.S. and world over
International Educational Conference in Oberlin, Ohio, June 8-10, brought together over 330 people for reports, discussion on communist program, continuity and activities. Right, SWP literature table during conference.
OBERLIN, Ohio — “The sweeping indictment of Donald Trump under the Espionage Act by President Joseph…

Cuba and Chernobyl

This Cuban documentary produced in 2006 tells the story of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe in Ukraine and Cuba’s exemplary internationalist medical program that treated more than 25,000 victims.