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The Militant this week
Join in campaigning with Young Socialists for Britton
Campaign for Joel Britton, Socialist Workers candidate for Governor of California:
See coverage of Socialist Workers alternative to twin parties of big business
Locked-out coal miners in Utah fight for union
Demand reinstatement of fired workers, safe conditions
Utah miners address UMWA convention
Venezuela: fired oil bosses evicted from government-funded housing
Pro-imperialist opposition exploits move in its drive against Chávez
U.S. government jails three men stationed at Guantánamo prison camp

Socialist Workers candidate for governor of California says: ‘Nationalize the energy industry!’
Fund appeal for digital camera: first contributions start rolling in
Reaps fruits in Venezuela reporting trip photos
‘Militant’ launches eight-week drive to sell 950 subscriptions
Seattle city council candidate gains exemption from disclosure
Perspectiva Mundial
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A socialist newsweekly published in the interests of working people
Vol. 67/No. 35October 13, 2003


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