25, 50 and 75 Years Ago

January 15, 2018

January 15, 1993

NORTH BATTLEFORD, Saskatchewan — Some 3,000 farmers braved bitter cold to fill a hockey arena in this rural Canadian city December 17 in a rally to demand government action on the farm income crisis. The action followed on the heels of an outdoor rally of 500 in the neighboring town of Spiritwood a week earlier.

Depressed prices at the farm gate as a result of the international grain wars have combined with crop damage from heavy frost and a wet harvest to tighten the cost-price squeeze on farmers.

Policies by the Tories in Ottawa and the New Democrats in Regina have compounded the crisis.

January 15, 1968

A poll released Jan. 2 showed that the chauvinist, pro-[Vietnam] war, stand by bureaucratic misleaders in the AFL-CIO does not reflect the views of rank-and-file union members.

The poll found that unionists are split in about the same proportion as the rest of the population, with the large minority of 43 percent of the opinion that the whole war was a mistake. A poll among veterans came up with similar results.

The figures demonstrate the widespread opposition to the war among these sectors of the population. The antiwar movement especially should take note of this. It is clear there is already widespread disaffection within the unions.

January 16, 1943

Government officials want to suppress The Militant because we print the truth about the role of Big Business in the war; because we criticize the domestic and foreign policies of the administration; because we urge the workers to defend their living standards and democratic rights; because we advocate a Workers and Farmers Government and the socialist program as the only solution to the problems of war, fascism, unemployment and racial discrimination.

This move to ban our paper from the mail comes after ten weeks during which the authorities interfered with the delivery, destroying four issues and holding others up for weeks.